Do you enjoy art inspired by nature and animals?

Are you local to the East Windsor/Broad Brook, CT area?

Then swing on by to see some wonderful art pieces by my FEATURED ARTIST on Saturday, April 25th, 1-3 pm.

Laura Sinsigallo of Time Flies by Lauralie

Laura creates mixed media paintings and hanging art. Her inspiration comes from nature and animals.

All of her pieces are whimsical and colorful – and fun.

We can’t wait to have the opportunity to see and purchase some of her wonderful pieces on Saturday following our class on Making Eclectic Wind Chimes.



Saturday, April 25th, 2015
1:00 to 3:00 pm
Broad Brook, CT (text 860-977-9473 for the address)


This is a Great Opportunity to Shop for Mother’s Day

Hanging Art

Hanging Art

Here is a sampling of what you can expect to see.

This is oh So Cute!  I just love them all – don’t you???

Oh too cute!

Oh too cute!

This painting reminds me of an experience I had just last week while traveling – a butterfly was boppin’ around the tops of tall tropical foliage and flowers – and the music could be heard in my mind as I watched it fly around.



Adorable is the word I use to describe these two handcrafted whimsical dolls…



Hello Ducky!

Hello Ducky!

Winter may be over – but I still requested items “from every season or holiday” – It is a great time to stock up for gifts next year – or add to existing collections – of which, snowmen are my fav in winter!

For Every Season

For Every Season

Snowmen Whimsical Dolls

Snowmen Whimsical Doll


Gnome Mixed Media Paintings

For the address to the ARTIST SHOWCASE on Saturday, April 25th, 1-3 pm:

TEXT: 860-977-9473

or email today!

Fun Flowers

Fun Flowers

For more about our Featured Artist, Laura Sinsigallo of Time Flies by Lauralie:

Visit Swiftwaters Artisan Cooperative in Willimantic, CT

Visit Windowbox Boutique in Stafford Springs, CT

And don’t miss the chance to visit us on Saturday in at Container Crazy CT’s in Broad Brook, CT.

Cathy Testa
(860) 977-9473 (text for address)

Cathy Testa of ContainerCrazyCT Blog

Cathy Testa of ContainerCrazyCT Blog

Giving Thanks for another Great Gardening Year

Container Garden Install

Container Garden Install

Another gardening year has passed quickly.  It was filled with lots of plant-loving activity, including garden talks for garden clubs and farmers markets, ‘walk and talk’ home tours of friends’ special gardens, and several classes hosted by guest instructors and Container Crazy Cathy T related to combining nature with art.  And along the way, I had many moments of thankfulness.

Now arrives the week of Thanksgiving.  A day approaches when we share time with our families to count our blessings – and enjoy home cooked meals. We may say a few words during these events to express our gratitude or a hug may suffice as you welcome your treasured family members and friends to your home and table.

As this fourth Thursday of the month approaches, I reflect upon many opportunities for which I am grateful.  Some may seem minor in the scheme of life, but each is something which helped me along my way and thus, here it goes, my “Give Thanks” List:

My, My – What a Beautiful Summer

We were blessed with an amazing summer where almost every weekend provided sun and comfortable temperatures.  I know this because I pay attention to the weather forecasts, especially for weekends where garden events are scheduled.  And, on every single summer weekend, the weather cooperated for my special events – how lucky am I!  Even on the only day when I had my family over for a summer picnic and pool time, well – that day was the warmest of all – it was perfect timing.

There were so many summer weekends when I looked to the skies and said, “Thank God it is beautiful out this weekend!” So, thankfulness prevails for cooperative weather. Hopefully, one more blessing will happen for good weather at my annual holiday evergreens class on December 6th to cap off the year. Please, no big snowstorms.

Supportive Gardening Friends and Family

As I look at the history of growing my small business, many times, it is friends and family members suggesting ideas to help improve processes and my classes.  And, it IS mostly friends and family members attending my gardening events. However, each new season brings new faces too – and thus, new gardening friends.  One of the best parts of working with plants is communication is almost universal in the gardening world – you don’t need to speak the same language or have the same gardening style to appreciate the beauty of nature and how to bring more of it to your surroundings. Thus, I am very grateful and thankful for all supportive people, new and old, and how they help me along the way. Each and every client is appreciated as well – and many are treasured friends and family members. Thank you for hiring me this gardening season and attending my events.

Healthy Me and Healthy Parents

This year, Thanksgiving Day falls one day before my big 50th birthday. Sure, I have more aches and pains than I did in my 30’s, but I am really thankful there have been no big health problems.  Truly a blessing – and good health becomes more important as we get older – the importance of health – not only for ourselves, but for our family members is of the utmost priority in life. And, for those who have struggled with tough health issues this year, I pray they are always getting better and feeling healthy once again. I’m thankful for when those prayers are answered.

As for my parents – gosh, they are elderly, yet both very healthy and still with us – Every single moment I spend with them, I thank God for sharing these two beautiful people with me.  And to be spending the upcoming Thanksgiving Day with them warms my heart and soul. They, along with my extended family, are a blessing for which I am grateful – and glad I can continue to have them in our lives to share special moments.

Small House with a Big Yard

The home I share with my husband (he is another blessing in of itself) may be somewhat on the small size, but it is cozy with plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. I’m so thankful for the day we were told of this home being for sale, and that we snagged it up over 20 years ago. I’m thankful for a solid roof over our heads, and a large outdoor space we enjoy with our animals, plants, and trees.  Years ago, when we stood on our former small 4 by 4 deck to toast the purchase of our new home, we knew it was what we wanted, because it had a big yard – but we had no idea how it would grow into so much pleasure as our personal daily destination – right in our backyard. When we sit to admire our space around us filled with plants and nature – we always think about how thankful we are for our own little place on earth, and how we love to share it with our friends and family.

Chicken Coop Pen at Cathy T's

Chicken Coop Pen at Cathy T’s

Thankful for Likes

One day, my niece told me how happy she was when someone liked her drawing on an artwork related social site, and, I thought to myself, “Do we give too much stock to the “likes, shares, and positive comments” of social media?” But in the end, yes – sometimes it is important.  As we share things we are proud of, often helping to inspire others, we are thankful when someone hits like or share.  For the followers, sharers, likers in my social world – thank you so much for taking the time to notice and for appreciating my efforts.

The Sun’s Rays upon My Face

Lately, I’ve been taking time to sit in the sunniest place available at my home to face the sun during the mid-afternoons before the sun sets. Especially during winter, this is a much needed therapy activity for me because the winter blues has potential to creep upon us as the days are darker and temperatures are colder.

Each time I feel the sun’s rays upon my face, I give thanks for the sun and all it offers to our world. It is such a powerful force – giving life to us, our plants, and our surroundings. Without the sun, we would have nothing, so thus I say, thank you Sun.  You are my Goddess, and I worship you.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

Cathy Testa
(860) 977-9473 (cell)

Cathy T at her home in East Windsor, CT

Cathy T at her home in East Windsor, CT

Early Planning is Part of the Process…


Early planning is part of the horticulture process.  Plants must be ordered in the winter months for spring deliveries, and evergreens must be ordered in autumn for winter pickups.

And, as much as you try to plan ahead, there will always be things you don’t expect which may cause your plans to not go exactly according to plan, but you adjust, correct, and move on.

On my recently submitted evergreens order for the upcoming December class on making holiday creations with fresh evergreens, there is a disclaimer on the bottom of the confirmation form which reads:

“Prices are from current inventory and WILL change due to availability, season, and any other act of God.”

Can you imagine if this disclaimer was on your plant tag or pot when you buy a plant at a garden center?  Imagine the response!

But I so get what this company is saying – and, they say it like it is.

Large Full Size Kissing Ball created by an Attendee!

Large Full Size Kissing Ball created by an Attendee at Cathy T’s Annual Winter Class

My planning began this month for a Cathy T Class being offered in December.  It is the 5th Annual Kissing Balls and Evergreen Holiday Creations Class, and it is fun, popular, and worth every bit of planning.

This post is to provide my blog followers with a heads-up that the class is on the calendar.  If you wish to sign-up, which is recommended to do early for seats fill up quickly, see the menu bar above, Cathy T Classes.

When you click on the menu’s option, a drop down list appears with two options for this winter class.  One is the “contact form” to sign up, the other provides more details about the class with photos of the items you can make.

As for now, this is all you need to know if you are interested in signing up today to save the date on your holiday calendar.

As soon as you are “in,” more information on the amazing variety of evergreens is provided along with complete details about this class scheduled on December 6th, 2014 – the first Saturday in December.

By the way, we have three “premium” evergreens added this year, which are new for this year’s class!  As well as the usual mix of eleven other types of FRESH evergreens.

That is right – a total of 14 varieties of beautiful evergreens to use when you make your holiday creation as an attendee at this Cathy T Class.

You won’t find this elsewhere, I guarantee it – Unless, of course, there is an act of God.

Cathy Testa

Cathy Testa's Vision of the Future - Photo by Bitstrips

Cathy Testa’s Vision of the Future – Photo by Bitstrips

Minis and Markets – This Weekend in East Windsor, CT

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Happy Friday Everyone,

Looks like an amazing weekend coming up with the weather predicted to be beautiful and sunny – and tons of summer related events to enjoy.


Two on the agenda this weekend for ContainerCrazyCT is a Miniature Gardens Workshop hosted by Cathy T with guest speaker Rhonda Niles of Gardening Inspirations.  It is scheduled for June 28th, Saturday, 11:00 am to 1 pm, in Broad Brook/East Windsor, CT.  Want to join us?? – You can!  Lots of details have been posted on Cathy T’s Facebook page, and links on this blog.  See Cathy T Classes above for more information.

For more inspirations and ideas of what you could potentially create at this workshop, check out my Pinterest Board:


And on Sunday, June 29th, Cathy T will be joining other vendors and guests at the East Windsor Farmers Market on Opening Day at the Trolley Museum grounds.

This is the second year for this market – if you are local, please support this market so it will grow for all of us.  Lots of good fresh food, BACKTRAX BAND providing musical entertainment, and Cathy T will be presenting on “Incorporating Edibles in Mixed Container Gardens.”  This talk also includes interesting details about how EDIBLES are hotter than ever and growing in popularity now and for the past six straight years.

Edibles Mixed Planter with Tomatillo in Center as Thriller

Edibles Mixed Planter with Tomatillo in Center as Thriller


And at the market, Cathy T will have select succulent plants for sale, this is your last chance to get some to fill in your planters at home too.  From tiny and adorable Sedums to big and chunky cacti.  Succulents are perfect for planters in the sun, requiring minimal watering, can be left alone when on a vacation, and last for years indoors as houseplants during fall and winter months.  Come learn about them, and edibles on Sunday at the East Windsor Farmers Market.


Don’t forget to also check out the upcoming “Walk and Talk Home Gardens” day in July on “Pondering Ponds.”  See the menu bar above on this blog for all the details. The one in July will showcase an homeowner’s amazing pond creation in Enfield, CT.  Note the date now so you won’t miss this:  July 19th, 10:00 am.  The walk and talks are free to attend.

Planter with succulents by Cathy T

Planter with succulents by Cathy T

Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Hope to see you soon.

Cathy Testa


Upcoming Miniature Gardens Workshop – Details Posted for June 28th


Hello Everyone,

The next fun class on the Cathy T Class Series list is a Miniature Gardens Workshop by Rhonda Niles of Gardening Inspirations.  It will be held on Saturday, June 28th, 2014, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Miniature Garden by Rhonda Niles of Gardening Inspirations

Miniature Garden by Rhonda Niles of Gardening Inspirations

Nothing is cuter than a mini-garden creation on your patio table top outdoors during the summer season.  Just think – Your’s could be ready in time for the 4th of July weekend – because we are holding this session a whole two months earlier than last year’s workshop which was held in late summer – so attending and making your creation can be enjoyed even earlier this go around!

About Rhonda Niles, Our Featured Guest Instructor:

Rhonda is a horticulturist, accredited nursery professional, and advanced master gardener.  She has worked in various nurseries and garden centers, growing and selling plants.  She also has grown organic herbs and vegetables in her greenhouses for farmers’ markets.  For the last several years she has focused on miniature gardens in both New England and Florida.  She creates unique and artistic “dreamscape” gardens and miniature accessories for local craft shows, and especially enjoys teaching workshops for others.  She owns a business called, “Gardening Inspirations.”

About this Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the secrets of designing, planting, and maintaining a miniature garden.  And you’ll have fun making your own endearing miniature garden for yourself or as a gift for a friend.  The best part is picking out your own plants and miniature accessories, the style of which are smaller, adorable versions of what you can realistically find in larger landscapes.  Plants used are low-maintenance and low light, including ferns and succulents.  You may wish to make a beach, serenity, woodland, or garden/farm scene, fairy garden, or your own creative vision.  New this year are healing stones and candles, which you can incorporate into your gardens. Photos of workshop can be found at

Prior Attendees

Here’s a photo of a prior class.  We held the class on the deck, but due to a construction project, the class will be held on the driveway with tables and chairs provided.

An Attendees Works on her Miniature Garden

Attendees Works on their Miniature Gardens at Last Year’s Session

Classroom Location:

Cathy T’s Classroom is located at 72 Harrington Road, Broad Brook, CT 06016.

The class is held outdoors on a driveway in classroom format with tables/chairs provided.  If sunny, wear a gardening hat, use sunscreen, and note: some patio umbrellas will be setup for shade.  If raining, it will held in large garage on same day (no rain date).

Class Fee and Included Materials

Cost is $49 per person for the class, which includes three plants, instruction and all basic miniature garden supplies for your container such as soil, drainage rock, mulch, weed block, glue, as well as a materials credit for optional plants and miniature accessoriesRepeat attendees receive an automatic $5 off of the Class Fee.

Additional miniature materials may be purchased if desired, depending upon how elaborate you’d like your personal miniature garden to be.  There are plenty of materials to choose from with a wide selection of plants perfect for your mini creation.

New Feature:  This year’s workshop includes a new feature of “Healing Stones.”  Learn how these stones work at the class.

Plants by Gardening Inspirations for the Workshop

Plants by Gardening Inspirations for the Workshop

You Pick Your Theme

From fun farm animals to pool side umbrellas in mini style, you will have many creative options as you selecting a particular theme in this hands-on workshop.  Rhonda does an excellent job of providing lots of materials and explaining design layouts to achieve a great look.  She will cover the steps to care for and maintain your miniature gardens creation.

Creates by Gardening Inspirations and Attendees

Creations by Gardening Inspirations and Former Attendees

Bring Your Own Container or Purchase One at Class:

Participants are encouraged to bring their own container (a 10-12″ wide bowl, oval or rectangular pot, 4-6″ deep) to match their décor and tastes, although appropriate containers are also available for purchase.

Surprise Prizes!

As for all of Cathy T’s Upcoming Classes, when you sign up as a blog follower, you are eligible for Surprise Prizes given out at the class. Sign up today to join the other 590 Blog Flowers of  See the menu bar on the right.

Miniature Gardens Workshop by R Niles_0003

For more information, see Cathy T Classes on this blogs menu bar above.  A class flyer has been posted with all the details.  Register today before the seats are sold out – See the Contact Form below to sign-up.

Looking forward to seeing you.  For any questions, contact Rhonda Niles or Cathy Testa.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa





It is truly amazing how fast time flies by, especially as we get older. My mother always says, “Wait til you get my age! It goes sooo fast.”

I read somewhere the reason it feels like life is moving so fast sometimes is because of our “routines” and if we change them, things won’t feel so fast, but routines and traditions are inevitable, plus we enjoy them.


Source: WordPress

Source: WordPress

Today I saw an “award” on my WordPress Blog message board.

It says today is the 4th year anniversary of my blog – geesh!  I can not believe I started this blog 4 years ago – where did the time go?  And I have 224 posts to date.  Stats continue to rise and I truly appreciate all the visitors to my blog.  It is incredible the other bloggers you can meet just by being a blogger.

Nowadays, I don’t bother searching for something via websites, I always go to blogs when I want to find something creative or when I need information.

But other things that seem to creep up quickly – are the months.  My husband always says, “Wow, it’s xx month already – like October – its here – and then he will follow with, “Next thing you know it is Christmas, and then New Years, and then time to open the pool, then time to close the pool, then time to take stuff off the deck…”  I usually stop him with, “Cut THAT out!”  LOL.  He’s right now, we barely swam in our pool and just closed it up recently, how does that happen so fast?


Source: Bitstrips

Source: Bitstrips

It may seem early to be talking about December, but I just posted more information regarding my annual holiday class called “Evergreen Kissing Ball & Holiday Creations“.

The planning for this event starts in October for me.  You see, I have to place orders to my growers and suppliers now to ensure I will receive my batches of fresh quality evergreens for my attendees.  They don’t get cut now but they need to know what to expect from their clients, so yesterday I had the pleasure of selecting the greens and creating my advance documentation about the class.  Some folks did ask recently if I’m holding the class again – and the answer is YES!  So click on my Cathy T Class page from my menu if you wish to get on board early.

That’s it for now – just a quick post.  Onto planning for my October class, being held this Sunday, October 13th, on how to overwinter tropical plants. The weather this year is warm compared to last year this time – I remember, because I setup a fire pit outside last year when I did this class, and this year, it is still warm and even humid.

Last night, I had my slider door open to allow the fresh air – amazing for October. But it could change with a snap of your fingers.  I’m starting to do some container garden clean-up this week – thinking tomorrow because the sun is suppose to be out, so it will be enjoyable.

The take down of my tropical plants for storage over the winter will be held off for Sunday.  So if you want to join me to learn the process, please contact me by Friday, October 11th, of this week.  It will be here before you know it.

Thanks for dropping in again – so enjoy your visits.

Cathy Testa

Miniatures Garden Workshop Coming Up


Miniatures Garden Workshop Coming Up

Come join the fun on August 8th, Thursday, from 6-8 pm to learn how to design, plant, and maintain a miniature garden. It is the next class offering on the Cathy T class series. And I’m excited our guest speaker, Rhonda (aka Rondi), of Gardening Inspirations will be our instructor.

I met Rondi several years ago when I took Master Gardening classes. She was our leader and coordinator. But she also has her own business now, specializing in miniatures. It started with inspiration she felt when she entered a shop in Florida filled from floor to ceiling with various type of miniatures. It clicked for her how fun and expressive these can be when making mini gardens. You can set a mini garden on your desk at work, then imagine it being an escape. There are several themes from beach to barn. The ideas and creativity are endless, and it is just plain fun to create. Just think party favor or center piece. Or how about creating one as a hostess gift?

Here’s the Class details:

Outdoor event. Aug 8th. (Rain date Aug 15th). 6 pm to 8 pm
Location: 72 Harrington Rd, Broad Brook, CT
Cost PP: $15.00. Includes potting medium, base sand or mulch, class instructions, glue pins and glue, drainage rocks, design and maintenance handouts, and light refreshments.
Miniature accessories, embellishments and plants are available for purchase. Many choices and themes, such as Beach, Garden, Farm, and Woodland will be available.

Other: Your creation is hands on and can be an indoor or outdoor type. We will go over plants suited for your vision and use. You may bring your own pot or container, or purchase at the class. Rondi recommends a minimum of 10-12″ in diameter.

To Sign Up: Call 860-977-9473 or email at Or post a ‘comment’ on this blog.

To learn more about Rondi, visit

Really looking forward to you joining us. It will be a fun evening of creating and learning. And you know my appetizers!! Thanks, Cathy Testa

See SCHEDULE for more information.