Make Your Own Eclectic Wind Chime

by Laura Sinsigallo, Guest Artist


Class Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm


From 1:00-3:00 pm, come by to see our special guests artist’s work available for purchase. This will be an open time following class for anyone who can not make the class, but would like to see Laura Sinsigallo’s wonderful art pieces, from figurines to paintings. See the FEATURED ARTIST PAGE for more about her work.

Location: Broad Brook, Connecticut

Cost: $35 per person

Class Includes:

Step by Step Instructions by our Talented Guest Artist, Wire for Assembly, Top Anchor Element, Small beads, charms, vintage pieces – Pick and Choose! The size of the wind chime is similar to those shown below. You will have lots of items to get creative with and Laura will show us how to wire wrap, drill, assemble, and more.

Example of What you Can Make in This April 2015 Class

Example of What you Can Make in This April 2015 Class


A very special guest speaker and talented artist, Laura Sinsigallo, owner of timefliesbylauralie, will be showing attendees how to make gorgeous eclectic wind chimes. Save the date now on your calendars.  It is a perfect fun opportunity to start off early spring!

Laura Sinsigallo with her painting

Laura Sinsigallo with her painting

Laura Sinsigallo is a local artist who has always loved being creative. She creates mixed-media art, including but not limited to painting, folk art and jewelry.

Adorable Snowman Art by Laura Sinsigallo

Adorable Snowman Art by Laura Sinsigallo

Visit the links below to see her paintings and many other unique works of art, some of which she will bring along to class for anyone interested in other items she makes. Note: If you can not make the class, and would like to see her work, please come by during our ARTIST SHOWCASE HOURS of 1:00 to 3 pm on this date.

Painting by Laura Sinsigallo

Painting by Laura Sinsigallo

Laura enjoys going to flea markets where she finds vintage and interesting treasures incorporated into her art work. Her latest endeavor was to make wind chimes out of a variety of pieces accumulated over the years.  Imagine what you could make with various finds at this class in April of 2015 as part of Cathy T’s “Nature with Art” Programs.  We hope you will join us.

These wind chimes are eclectic, colorful and fun.  More details will be provided as we get close to spring. There will be plenty of opportunity to pick and choose the types of elements you will add to your wind chime – and you may even want to bring some of your own goodies to add. If you desire a larger chime, options will be available at additional fees based on the larger size, etc.

Where to See More of Laura’s Work

You may find Laura Sinsigallo’s art work at the Window Box in Stafford;http://windowboxboutique.com and at Swiftwaters Artisan Cooperative in Willimantic; http://swiftwaters.org.  And I encourage you to visit her there to see all of her works of art – they are wonderful – my favorites are the snowmen she makes during the holidays!

Laura is a member of the Windham Regional Arts Council. Search for Laura on Facebook by searching timeflies by lauralie or e-mail is timefliesbylauralie@hotmail.com.

To Sign Up – Please Complete This Class Contact Form

We are looking forward to seeing you in the spring – Currently we have six people signed up – space is limited so submit your form now to save your seat.

Payment in Advance

FYI:  Payment will be required one month in advance by check to Cathy T’s Landscape Designs. She will contact each pre-registered attendee to remind them at that time and furnish more information.

Thank you!

Art by Laura Sinsigallo

Art by Laura Sinsigallo


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