About Container Crazy CT

Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT by C Testa Copywrite_0002

Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT 2019

Container Crazy CT is all about Container Gardening and how it adds value to your life and outdoor surroundings.

On this blog, you will find tips on container gardening, reviews of plants used in containers and patio pots of all sizes, and much more.

It is here to share what Container Crazy CT is passionate about in the plant world with gardening friends and fellow followers.

You will also find listings of current hands-on workshops, speaking topics, and information about growing plants.

I have 3 blog sites: http://www.WORKSHOPSCT.com, http://www.ContainerGardensCT.com, and the one you are on now, called Container Crazy CT.

We hope you will click away and browse this blog website.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask away.

Thank you.

Cathy Testa
Location: Broad Brook section of East Windsor, Connecticut

3 thoughts on “About Container Crazy CT

  1. Hi I have a Aeonium and 14 years it has decided to bloom it has been in the location it is in or the entire time now the flower is beginning to die and I was wondering if I could cut it off at the end of the bloom and start a new head it’s nearly 6 feet tall


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