Miniatures Garden Workshop Coming Up


Miniatures Garden Workshop Coming Up

Come join the fun on August 8th, Thursday, from 6-8 pm to learn how to design, plant, and maintain a miniature garden. It is the next class offering on the Cathy T class series. And I’m excited our guest speaker, Rhonda (aka Rondi), of Gardening Inspirations will be our instructor.

I met Rondi several years ago when I took Master Gardening classes. She was our leader and coordinator. But she also has her own business now, specializing in miniatures. It started with inspiration she felt when she entered a shop in Florida filled from floor to ceiling with various type of miniatures. It clicked for her how fun and expressive these can be when making mini gardens. You can set a mini garden on your desk at work, then imagine it being an escape. There are several themes from beach to barn. The ideas and creativity are endless, and it is just plain fun to create. Just think party favor or center piece. Or how about creating one as a hostess gift?

Here’s the Class details:

Outdoor event. Aug 8th. (Rain date Aug 15th). 6 pm to 8 pm
Location: 72 Harrington Rd, Broad Brook, CT
Cost PP: $15.00. Includes potting medium, base sand or mulch, class instructions, glue pins and glue, drainage rocks, design and maintenance handouts, and light refreshments.
Miniature accessories, embellishments and plants are available for purchase. Many choices and themes, such as Beach, Garden, Farm, and Woodland will be available.

Other: Your creation is hands on and can be an indoor or outdoor type. We will go over plants suited for your vision and use. You may bring your own pot or container, or purchase at the class. Rondi recommends a minimum of 10-12″ in diameter.

To Sign Up: Call 860-977-9473 or email at Or post a ‘comment’ on this blog.

To learn more about Rondi, visit

Really looking forward to you joining us. It will be a fun evening of creating and learning. And you know my appetizers!! Thanks, Cathy Testa

See SCHEDULE for more information.

11 thoughts on “Miniatures Garden Workshop Coming Up

  1. I can’t wait ! And I never step out of my routine zone on a work night. So excited. Please count me in. I will be there.

  2. Cathy, these look adorable! One of these days I will be able to make it to one of these great events! This one looks like fun!

  3. Thanks, I hope you can join us sometime soon, see my Schedule of Events for a more fall and winter classes planned. And pass the word on the August 8th class – it will be fun fun! 🙂 Cathy T

    • So glad you are joining us Natasha!! I’m excited sign ups are moving along, and we still have more seats open. So anyone else interested, let me know. Cathy T 🙂

  4. Hi everyone. This workshop is being moved to the rain date of August 15th, Thursday due to the predicted thunderstorms tomorrow. Please confirm your attendance, and pass on to anyone else interested. Guess this gives me more time to plan appetizers and snacks!! Looking forward to seeing you all. Cathy T.

    • I am not able to bee or be there. Sorry. Please let me know about the next class. I am looking forward to learn new things……

    • So looking forward to you joining us here. Good group attending, and still have some open seats for anyone interested. And the weather looks amazing for Thursday!! Cathy T

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