Cathy Testa (About Me)

A Plant Person, Container Garden Fanatic and Designer, Nature Lover, and Avid Blogger.

Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT in Broad Brook, CT

Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT in Broad Brook, CT

To reach me: ContainerCrazyCT@gmail.com or ContainerCathy@gmail.com

For Current BIO: Cathy Testa Bio

My plant-related background:  Career Changer (around 2003) – Decided to go to UCONN for first degree ever at 38 years old, obtained a two-year in Horticulture in 2005 (Associates of Applied Science).

Right away, got a job busting my butt in a garden nursery (Thank you Garden Barn in Vernon, CT for the chance to learn).

Went from a corporate indoor desk job since being 15 years old – to running around sweating in a pair of hiking boots in a very popular and busy garden center after graduating in my late-30’s.  It was a “sink or swim experience.”

Got noticed, for what?  Talent of combining plants by color and use.  Moved into designing landscapes for customers.  Small ones at first.  Then decided, “Heck – I can go do this on my own – garden designing that is.”

So I did, started my first small business in 2009.

Told myself – Accept “EVERY” challenge, and they came along from yards with sink holes (yup, big sink holes) to massive overgrown invasive fields. Learned a landscape program, read every book I could get my hands on, attended more courses, seminars, trade shows, and read more, attended more, did more — learned more.  Obtained my Master Gardeners Certification to add more to the list!

Cathy Testa_0001

Decided to offer classes during the winter – this transitioned into offering classes more often, and then transitioned to being on television a few times too.  A big focus of all I do is how to create beautiful and varied Container Gardens or Mixed Container Plantings and Patio Pots.  I can’t get enough of it – and enjoy putting them in the gardens, around the home, as focal points – you name it.  See Garden Club Talks for talks coming up.

Cathy T Moments on CT Style, WTNH.com

Cathy T Moments on CT Style, WTNH.com

Cathy Testa_0013

Also, sold various tropical plants, succulents, perennials, and mixed designer container garden at local farmers markets. Lots of fun – LOTS of work too.  Great people at the markets and community events!  Really enjoy talking with people about the plants’ features, traits, uses, and ways to use them in containers, patio pots, and gardens.

East Windsor Community Day

East Windsor Community Day

Held and still offer fun Container Garden Parties at people’s homes introducing them to design techniques, steps for success, and just having lots of fun putting them together as a group.  And offer small garden design and home front designs regularly. See DESIGNS.

Loading up trailer for a Container Garden Party

Loading up trailer for a Container Garden Party

Dreaming now of owning a store.  Can that be a reality?  I’m not sure.  But I know I would be good at it.  And I know I will always dream (a guy at a reunion told me he has no dreams – really none?  Oh gosh, I will always dream).

Cathy Testa_0002

I also enjoy visiting botanical gardens and plant places anytime I get the chance when I travel with my husband, and luckily he is always willing to tag along!

Cathy T in Hawaii, spotted on road side, pulled over!

Cathy T in Hawaii, spotted on road side, pulled over!

Love going to the Philadelphia Flower Show when I can!

Love going to the Philadelphia Flower Show when I can!

So why do I write this blog?

Answer: To offer my friends, fans, and followers, whomever they may be, some plant knowledge information, and to share my service offerings of my business, called “Cathy T’s Landscape Designs.”

And just because – I like to write.

Please leave your comments – I’d love to hear from you.  Connect with Me – See SOCIAL.

Oh… and you can find me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.  See Side Bar for Twitter Feed on this blog site.

P.S.  Container Crazy Cathy T is the title of my (this) blog – because I forgot to mention – it is “THE” thing that got me into plants.  I love potting up plants in containers and pots of all sizes – everywhere.  Big into BIG tropical plants.  Even my gardens are contained.

Source Bitstrips

Source Bitstrips

About this Blog

This blog is a combination of sharing inspiration where “Nature is combined with Art” and “Container Gardening” (my passion).  So if you have something to share about these two key themes, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Current Stats as of January 2014 in the social world:

542 Followers of this blog
4 CT Style television appearances in 2012
140 Followers on Twitter (was 33 in early 2013, slowly being noticed I hope!)
195 Likes of my Business Fan Facebook page
957 Likes, 3,136 pins, 43 boards on my Pinterest page
But heck, who’s counting – I know the people who enjoy my work count – more than these numbers! 🙂

Cathy Testa_0011

About Ads

Ads automatically posted on my blog via WordPress are not placed there by me.
WordPress posts them.

Cathy Testa_0009

About Images and Pictures

Those posted and taken by me have a label or watermark on the image to indicate so. Others were posted with permission from the originator.  Do not copy photos or images without written permission from myself or the owner when it is an uploaded image from a stated source or from a “re-blogged” post of another blogger.  Please respect Copyright Notices as photographs and images are the property of the originator.

My Bitstrips Phase

I always wanted to have a cartoon character drawn up of me, and when Bitstrips came out – I was a little hooked on it!

Cathy T Containers_0029


Cathy T Containers_0028


Cathy T Containers_0027

Cathy T Containers_0026

Cathy T Containers_0025


Cathy T Containers_0024

Thank you for visiting my blog – and please -please SHARE with your gardening friends, Cathy Testa

Cathy Testa_0003

Cathy Testa_0008

Cathy Testa (a.k.a., Container Crazy Cathy T)
http://www.cathytesta.com (bz website)
ContainerCrazyCT.com (blog)

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    • Thank you Kevin. I was browsing your blog last evening as well, looking over your list of blogs you enjoy too. I saw Lee May speak here once in CT at a conference, and he was exceptionally entertaining. Thanks for visiting my blog as well. Cathy T


      • I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Lee. He was the first blogger I connected with — an inspiration for my own site. Be well!


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