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This page features an upcoming artist teaching a class this year as part of Container Crazy CT’s “Nature with Art” class programs.

Jeff and Mandy Mayer with their children. Owner's of JEM's Horticulture and Design

Jeff and Mandy Mayer with their children. Owners of JEM’s Horticulture and Design

The above photo is of Jeff and Mandy Mayer, owners of JEM’s Horticulture and Design. They are our next feature guests artists coming up on February 6th, 2016.

To hear about how I met them and their horticulture and design talents, read my latest post!




Laura Sinsigallo with her painting

Laura Sinsigallo with her painting

Laura Sinsigallo of timeflies by lauralie. She taught a class on April 25, 2015, titled “Making an Eclectic Wind Chime“.

Laura and I knew each other growing up, and in fact, she and I got married in the same month. I remember she picked the same weekend my husband and I wanted for a wedding date, so I moved mine to the following weekend because we have common friends and we knew it would be a scheduling conflict.

I’ve always sensed Laura had a love of nature and art; she always dressed with a special artistic style, and had nice decor items in her home, which I remember admiring many years ago – but it wasn’t until she attended my fall class on making hypertufa pots that I noticed her art pieces on Facebook.

Browsing her sites, I immediately fell in love with her works of art. Just look at this adorable arrangement of fun flowers made by Laura! Do they make you want to dance?? They do for me – adorable and so well displayed.

Flowers by Laura Sinsigallo

Flowers by Laura Sinsigallo

And her snowmen – oh gosh, love those. I actually collect snowman art and asked she brought some of these along to our class on April 25, 2015, Saturday. She will, along with other unique pieces which will be available for purchase as a bonus to our class in April.

Adorable Snowman Art by Laura Sinsigallo

Adorable Snowman Art by Laura Sinsigallo

When Laura told me she also makes wind chimes, I thought about how perfect this fits the Container Crazy CT class theme of combining nature with art – and imagine the little items you may have at home you could use – along with the many collected unique pieces included in the class fee.

I’m very appreciative Laura Sinsigallo accepted my request to teach a class here in Broad Brook, CT for our attendees.

Windchimes by Laura Sinsigallo

Sample of Wind Chimes by Laura Sinsigallo – Class on Saturday – April 25, 2015 – Join Us!

Where to See More of Laura’s Work

You may find Laura Sinsigallo’s art work at the Window Box in Stafford; http://windowboxboutique.com and at Swiftwaters Artisan Cooperative in Willimantic; http://swiftwaters.org.  And, I encourage you to visit her there to see all of her works of art – they are wonderful.

Laura is a member of the Windham Regional Arts Council. Search for Laura on Facebook by searching timeflies by lauralie or e-mail is timefliesbylauralie@hotmail.com.

To Sign Up:

Art by Laura Sinsigallo

Art by Laura Sinsigallo

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