Succulent Pumpkins or Succulent Skulls

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Hi Everyone,

Just another heads-up!

We posted our second autumn workshop of the season and it has a groovy and spooky option in addition to the traditional succulent pumpkins centerpieces we have made in the past fall workshops.

We will be offering two options at our October workshops!

Succulent Pumpkins with Words

Swing on by to to learn more and get signed up early.

Here’s photos of what you may elect to make at our October workshops.

Skull with words

Skull Upfront Container Crazy CT

New this year – SUCCULENT SKULLS

Succ Pumpkins copywrite Container Crazy CT_0002

Succulent Topped Pumpkin

Pre-registration is required. See for the details of what is included, what you need to bring, and dates. We setup our workshops for flexibility on how many you want to make and how elaborate you want to make your creations. Contact me anytime for questions.

Thank you – Cathy T.

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT
Located in Broad Brook, CT


How to use Box Signs to Decorate, Impress, or Just Send a Message

Photo by Cathy Testa

Photo by Cathy Testa

Why have decorative box signs become so popular?

I’m not sure. Actually, I don’t know.

Little or big box signs can cure, make you laugh, cheer you up, or perhaps cry. Words are powerful.  They make a statement, and they can leave a mark or help you to understand.

“Printed words on a piece of boxed wood turns the physical word into a piece of art which can be enjoyed both literally and visually.”

Plus they are functional, fun, and easy to hang, lean, tuck, or stand in various places around your home, in your home, and in protected locations outside your home. Place them alone, in groupings, with other decorations for the appropriate season, or give them as gifts.

Yes. True. I was “literally singing” after having wine with friends (see box sign above). Later, my older brother, Sylvain, came by to visit.

He gave me this box sign shown below.  As a gift (or a message).

But alas, they are not just signs for the hanging (or hangovers), they serve a purpose. Use them to store your bottles in a cute and clever way.  They may even remind you to avoid the Wine Flu.

Source: Primitives by Kathy

Source: Primitives by Kathy

Other ways to use them?  Use them to set the mood.

Or…Why not use them to create a whole arrangement? Especially nice on the patio or as your buffet/cocktail table for an upcoming party. What a great way to welcome your guests with a chuckle and a smile.  Want to get some kind of message across at your next function?  Reading words can eliminate the need to speak them.

Source: Primitives by Kathy

Source: Primitives by Kathy

Use them to get free labor, or at least inspire.

Sure, maybe a little humor will encourage that teen of yours to get raking.  Or the sign will remind us all of the best parts of the Autumn season.  The beautiful blue skies, the crisp air, color changes of the foliage, and smells of pumpkin and apple pie. Use box signs to inspire our transition to the cooler temps as we adjust to the sun rising later and the nightfall coming sooner.

Source:  Primitives by Kathy

Source: Primitives by Kathy

Source: Primitives by Kath

Source: Primitives by Kathy

Source:  Primitives by Kathy

Source: Primitives by Kathy

A little Witchy Side to Ya?

No problemo. Use them to show your glitter/glam style.  Position it by your broom and witches brew, as you play dress up.  Watch “The Witches of Eastwick“.  They will get the hint.

29379434f10d9a1bf346cafce3cfbc8a (1)

Source: Kathy by Primitives

Source: Primitives by Kathy


Source: Primitives by Kathy

Source: Primitives by Kathy

Use box signs to impress.

When you pair a box sign with a hostess gift and your best bottle of wine, you will be remembered as being a very good guest.  Add a little hang tag to match your box sign, or hang it on a door knob to make the Halloween kids go away.  No hints required, just read the box signs.

Get into the Box Sign Movement.  And don’t forget all the other wonderful themes – for the garden, beach house, and Christmas Holidays.

Written by Cathy Testa