Infographic – The Devil’s Greenhouse – Shows Poisonous Plants

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The Devil’s Greenhouse – A Great Title of a Great Infographic
by Ava’s Flowers

Infographic - The Devil's Greenhouse

An Infographic caught my eye this morning via a Tweet. This one is posted on Avas Flowers website at
Would you think Foxglove or Lily of the Valley has poisonous plant parts or scary flowers? Both are common and used in gardens. However, don’t let the fact plants are poisonous scare you though – unless you plan to learn the chemistry behind them to cause harm, or eat them as an appetizer to your meals – I think there is nothing to fear and many of these plants are interesting looking and dramatic in container gardens, BUT – of course, if you have animals and they are chewers of plants, there is cause for concern and you should always investigate any plant they may be tempted to eat. This Infographic depicts many and you may find it helpful.

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Cathy T in Hawaii, spotted big elephant ears on road side, pulled over! A plant that is poisonous if not cooked properly.

Cathy T in Hawaii a few years ago, when she spotted big elephant ears on a road side in an area with invasive plants, and of course – pulled over to get this photo. Some parts of elephant ears (the tubers) are edible – but it must be cooked properly. Don’t eat any plant without investigating and getting advise from an expert – otherwise, grow it in a pot for its beauty and dramatic affects.

My Guest Post on CT Bloggers

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Featured CT Blogger

Featured CT Blogger

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And don’t forget to look around at the CT Bloggers page and other links there.  There are a great deal of resources on all things CT.  I enjoy reading blogs over websites these days when I’m researching a particular town or city – the experiences are by people from CT passionate about sharing good things to see, do, and enjoy.

Happy Monday – Get ready for the heat wave!  Water those plants.  Cathy T