Flashback Friday – Tree Frog in a Birdhouse

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Can you believe this photo is real?!!!  

Frog Home

Frog Home, Photo taken by Cathy Testa in Bloomfield, CT, 2009

This photo of a tree frog sitting comfortably in a birdhouse hanging in a tree was taken by me when I worked at a private garden nursery in Bloomfield, CT during the summers while I was taking courses at UCONN’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 2009.

One day, the homeowner, who was also my boss at that time, a landscape designer, came up to me to say, “Come see a tree frog in our birdhouse.”

Well, I could hardly believe my eyes.

Just look at how the frog’s hands are crossed. Talk about enjoying his new residence. I wonder what the bird thought when he peaked inside.

I saw a lot of things at their nursery when I worked there. Their greenhouse and plants were setup behind their home, and one day, I saw a bear.

Well, to be accurate – the bear saw me. I didn’t have a chance to see him because when someone yelled out to say there was a bear approaching me, as I was working at a potting bench in the very back of the nursery, I ran so fast to my car, I didn’t take the time to turn around to see it.

The funny thing was usually I had a radio on to keep me company, but that day, it wasn’t on and only a slight breeze in the air was making sounds as the trees around the property were rustling in the wind.

In fact, I was really deep into the zone, potting up plants and arranging some container gardens for a client. That bear could have walked up to bite me in the rear, and I would have not seen it coming.

Another interesting creature, which visited their property regularly, was a very long black rat snake. The first time I saw it moving by some pots on the ground, it startled me – but it didn’t scare me like the bear did because snakes tend to move on quickly.

However, after that sighting – every time I saw a glimpse of a black hose on the ground for watering pots, I would hesitate to make sure it wasn’t that black rat snake again.

Coneflower Butterfly

Coneflower Butterfly – Photo take in 2009 by Cathy Testa in Bloomfield, CT

Dragon flies would dance around in the sky and butterflies would rest upon flowers. One day, I found a dead dragon fly and took a photo of it as I gently placed it on this leaf.

Dead Dragon Fly

Dead Dragon Fly, Deceased on a leaf – Bloomfield, CT – 2009 – Photo by Cathy Testa

Bee in Canna

Bee in Canna, Bloomfield, CT – 2009 – Photo by Cathy Testa

Even though I worked the grounds alone most days, because the landscape crew would leave after gathering up their plants and garden tools in the early mornings, I was never lacking company.

Another frog lived in the greenhouse in a pot filled with water plants under the benches. I remember reading once that frogs are territorial. He was there every day peering up at me as I walked by on my daily routines.

So, for this week’s Flashback Friday, I had to share the memories of working at a private garden nursery, and take a look back at that frog in the birdhouse.

Happy Friday Everyone,

Cathy Testa

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