Using Zip Ties to attach Deco Mesh Ribbon to your Decorating Projects


Mesh Ribbon is super easy to use. It bunches, batches, twists and turns so well and can be attached easily to wreath frames using Zip Ties, I decided to reblog this post from last year. Lots of folks are searching the “how to” question on mesh ribbons, this should help. Other things to note: Mesh Ribbon is GORGEOUS, but if in full sun for a long time – it will fade. That is about its only drawback I have experienced, otherwise – keep on using it. I hope this post will help you with the how-to’s of attaching it to your holiday decor this season. Enjoy and SHARE! Thanks, Cathy T

Container Crazy CT

Mesh ribbon is incredibly easy to use and attach to your mechanics by using zip ties (a.k.a., cable ties).  You can use pipe cleaners (as an alternative) instead of the zip ties, but zip ties secure the ribbon tightly at each puff or bunch, which makes the pulling and tucking more efficient as you work to create your design for a wreath or swag.

The zip ties also work well for attaching ornaments because they slide easily into the ornament hooks.  The size you want to get is at least a 3-4″ length for the zip ties, or you can go longer, and just cut the tail ends off at the end of your project.

Zip ties will last for years, where I think pipe cleaners can wear a bit over time.  And if you want to take apart your project later (for whatever reason), zip ties are easily cut…

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