Three Easy Ways to Use Mesh Ribbon for Holiday Decorating


This is one of my most viewed posts on ContainerCrazyCT’s blog recently, so I’m reblogging it to be front and center. Do you use mesh ribbon? How and what do you love about it?

Container Crazy CT

Project No. 1: Grape Vine Wreath with Mesh Ribbon and Decor

This is super easy to do, and no glue gun is required!  Select mesh ribbon (or Ruban en maille in French) with the colors you like and just make sure your decor colors work well with your ribbon choice.  This project can be done in less than an hour easily.

Here is what you will need:

  1. One grape vine wreath (20″ size was used)
  2. 4″ and 8″ green zip ties (a.k.a, cable ties)
  3. Roll of Mesh Ribbon (20.5″ width was used).  Length is dependent on how big you want to make the puffs.
  4. Your choice of matching ornaments (holiday balls, florist picks, etc.)
  5. One large tin decor (snowman face with hat used)
  6. Sharp scissors or snips

Mesh Ribbon Projects_0002

First step is gathering the end of your ribbon and attaching it to the wreath.  Zip ties work extremely well for this. They…

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3 thoughts on “Three Easy Ways to Use Mesh Ribbon for Holiday Decorating

    • Gosh, I can’t recall as I picked them up here and there – it may have been Target or the Super Walmart in town, or Agway in Ellington. Hope that helps! Happy Holidays – Will miss you in the big class this December! Cathy T

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