Use these all-natural preventives and remedies to lower your risk for contracting Lyme disease

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A few weeks ago, I was working in my garden, and when back in the house, I saw a tick crawling up my shirt. Fortunately, I had a white shirt on – a color often recommended to wear outdoors, including for your socks, so you spot ticks easily should they creep up on you. This article by a local Broad Brook CT Blogger gives very helpful advice on how to deal with bites including some photos of tick bite signs. Thus, with Renee’s permission, I am reblogging her post here for my CT readers. Cathy T

The Mind-Body Shift

Tick sizes/Src: CT Department of Public Health Tick sizes/Src: CT Department of Public Health

Living in northeastern United States, summertime means warmer weather, less clothing and more time spent outdoors. Unfortunately, all the time spent walking, hiking and biking in the woodsy areas coincides with an increased presence of ticks. As a result, the months of June and July see the largest numbers of confirmed cases of Lyme disease by far, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The disease us caused by bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, which is spread through bites of infected blacklegged ticks, AKA deer ticks—and on the Pacific Coast, by western blacklegged ticks.

Who Is At Risk for Lyme Disease

The CDC reports that 95 percent of Lyme disease cases from 2012 were reported in just 13 states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Pennsylvania reported the largest number of cases…

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