Five Reasons Why You Should Click Like, Share, or Comment on My Blog Posts


If you are not familiar with the world of bloggers and blogging, you may not realize why it is so important to click the like button or share an interesting post with your friends.

One obvious reason is your click is a form of validation of the hard work put forth by the blogger to provide you with information and share a story about a particular passion, such as gardening.

Another reason is, for professional bloggers, your sharing, liking, and commenting increases their chances of gaining a few bucks from the online advertisements included on their blog site.

However, there are many other reasons why clicking those little icon buttons on a blog post are important to a blogger, such as myself.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should do so, and how it benefits you:

See Photo Attributions Below

See Photo Attributions Below

#1 – Because my blog posts are FREE

Personally, I find it irritating when I’m reading an interesting blog post and a pop-up window displays an online ad directly in front of my text.  It interrupts my concentration just as much as an annoying mosquito buzzing around my magazine would when I’m reading an article.

Now granted – there are many, many blogs out there with online pop up advertisements which help fund the associated costs of blogging, and potentially generating some income.  And for the seriously popular mega bloggers, blogs make some substantial money.  Just check out this list of top earning bloggers on

For example, Life Hacker, a blog offering tips and tricks, money saving strategies, and uses for household items, earns almost $5,000 a day.  Do the math, this is a millionaire blog site.  They get there because of their amazing talents and wealth of information shared, but also because they have a strategical setup to their blog to gain revenue.

On my blog, affectionately titled, ContainerCrazyCT, only the ads automatically posted by WordPress, which I have no control over unless “I” pay a fee to make them go away, are included.  Otherwise, everything else is completely free for you the reader and blog visitor.  I’ve chosen to leave those buzzy ads out.

See Photo Attribution Below

See Photo Attribution Below

#2 – Because sharing my blog will fill me with DELIRIOUS joy

Sharing, liking or commenting on a blog post of mine will make me wild with excitement and enthusiasm.  And, you do want to make me feel filled with delirious joy, don’t you?  After all – happiness is contagious.

When you take the time to like, share, or comment on my blog post, it makes me feel the time I took to write it was worth my efforts, and that you found the information useful.  It also indicates I should continue to blog for you, and anyone else out there interested in sharing our passions of plants, container gardening, and combining nature with art.

If not for any reason, please click LIKE immediately after you finish reading my posts, or better yet, share it with a friend, because you want to make me happy today, right now, and keep me happy so I can keep blogging for you for free and with a big happy face.

Please help to keep me on my blogging high.

See Photo Attribution Below

See Photo Attribution Below

#3 – Because information you get on blogs is HONEST and REAL

What I mean here, is I find blogs are far more personal and real compared to articles or information written on websites designed specifically to promote or sell something in particular.

Blogs are written by real people with amazing and ambitious passions.  Generic websites maybe written by someone wanting to get you to buy something from them, and some sites are being paid to promote a product, whether they truly like it or not.

Let’s take travel related websites for example.  They give you information because they want you to visit their location and help fund their economy by spending some time and money in their state.

But blogging sites provide information on travel based on real experiences by real people just like you and me – it tends to be more honest – especially if the blog is free of ads or other gimmicks to get some funds from you as a reader.

A travel blogger will blog about travel because it is their passion, based from their own unique experiences.  They give you the true scoop and perspective – AND they take the time to write and post it just for you out of the pure love of what they do and willingness to share insider tips with you, even if they don’t know you personally.  Bloggers are generous souls.

They are creative as well, showing you all sides of people and their interests.  You get a window from a unique perspective, and I think it is honest.  In many cases, they are not being paid to review a product or place.

For example, last winter, I was looking for information on Stowe, Vermont.  Instead of searching the topic via Google by entering, ‘Things to do in Stowe,’ — I added the word ‘blog’ to my search field with Things to do in Stowe.

Many different blogs written by real people were provided via my search.  Blogs are not websites.  They are web logs, more like personal diaries by people willing and anxious to share what they know and love.

One post I found was written by a gal who lived in Stowe, Vermont for nine years, and it shared her top things to do in town and things nearby – adding her own real personal tips of where to park, some insider stuff – I felt like I was reading a “real experience” by a “real person.”  Basically, I believed her account and trusted her list of things to do in the area more than a generic unreal entity.

And in my blogging searches, I also found a blogger who travels solo and gives her accounts of places she has visited on her own – kind of a unique perspective.  She also offers encouragement to people wanting to travel alone or for those who must travel alone, so you don’t feel alone.  There is an emotional connection with bloggers, especially if you share the same interests or passions.

Her blog, called Solo Friendly, provides travel information in a different way – and supports those who don’t want to wait around for a travel partner.  She didn’t have a list of 10 things to do in Vermont – but a list of 100 things to do in Burlington, Vermont.  That’s homework, which took time, and again, based on her true experiences.  And that’s pretty cool.

One last thing, good bloggers also take risks.  Because they are honest, sometimes they may be controversial on a particular topic – but I admire this, and it is just another bucket of why bloggers are a great source of information because their opinion or critique is coming from an honest place, whether you agree with it or not.  They blog about things that matter to them, and it comes from things they love – or hate – otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth blogging about or mentioning.

See Photo Attribution Below

See Photo Attribution Below

#4 – Because you become part of a bigger NETWORK

When you like a post, others who liked it too will see who you are and share a conversation about the same passion with you – and thus, you become part of a bigger network with the potential of making new gardening friends.  You will establish great connections of your own by participating.

Blogs not only show you who the blogger is, but shows who you are – and what your likes, interests, or questions may be — and you may find common enthusiasts to share your love with.

Many other very good gardening bloggers have liked my blog posts from time to time – and some are people from other countries or states, and because they share the same passion, it feels rewarding. It makes you feel like you are part of something bigger – more than just your gardening self.

Bloggers want to connect with those sharing the same passion, especially those sharing plant passions because gardening in particular is a form of entertainment – we love to talk about our plants any chance we get.  It is pretty cool when you see someone has created something similar to your creation – you are not alone – we all have creativity.  So become part of the network, join in the conversation by commenting on my blog – pretty please.  Thank you – I truly appreciate it!

See Photo Attribution Below

See Photo Attribution Below

#5 – Because blog posts link you to other sources of VALUABLE information

Within every post I publish, I include links to other sources of information on that particular topic.  And at the bottom of the post, a list of Useful Links is provided for you in many cases.

This is another reason why you should click like, share, or comment.  It will drive me to do more of this sharing of other sources of information because you appreciate it, and because it helps you to find an answer to a particular question you may have about a plant or it leads you to a valuable source or reference which you did not know exists.

Looking up something in a book or on the web can be time consuming if you don’t know where to look.  Some of these sources linked on my blog took me years to find – believe me – no one handed them to me automatically, I had to research, learn and search them out – and I love sharing this with you!  Because I know I struggled at times, and I don’t want to be that person that didn’t help a person interested in learning about plants – you know, I’m stopping the pattern, so I share everything I know freely here on this blog.

As a blog follower, you automatically get notified of new posts with these links.  Don’t forget to also check out my Twitter feed or business Facebook page where I share every interesting gardening tip or unique find I’m researching as often as possible.

A Special Thank You

My current blog follower count has reach 590.  This is small potatoes compared to many blogs out there –but each and every follower is important to me, seriously.

Thank you for being a blog follower.

For friends, blog guests, visitors, and fans that have liked, shared, and commented on my posts recently or for a few years now – I’m sending “Virtual Hug” to you right now.  Thank you.  You encourage me to continue, and have a special place in my bloggin’ heart.

Bottom line, the more followers and shares, quite frankly, the more powerful I may become to help YOU with offers, information, and resources.  You are the reason I work at this – and you are the key to helping me improve.

And oh, by the way, when you Follow My Blog by using the side bar Follow button on the right page of, you are eligible for surprise prizes and gifts at upcoming Cathy T Classes.  Don’t miss out!

See also the Garden Talks and Classes menus at the top of this blog – we have some more good stuff upcoming from Miniature Gardening Workshop in June, and a Walk and Talk date on Pondering Ponds in July.

So click away, my friends, click away.  Hope to meet you here or in person at the upcoming Cathy T Events.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa

Photo Attributions:

Photos are courtesy of as follows:
Free photo by Stuart Miles
Happy Veggies by AKARAKINGDOMS
Honor Trust by Stuart Miles
Join us by Stuart Miles
Lady and Guy by jesadaphorn
Books stacked by surachai

6 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why You Should Click Like, Share, or Comment on My Blog Posts

  1. Hi Cathy, thank you for this article. I just pinned this to my Pinterest board and will share with friends, and it will come in handy when I start working on my blog again. With classes and studies bombarding me right now, I have no time for blogging and/or gardening the way I’d like to but by next month, I’ll be able to spend more time on both. Have a BEAUTIFUL eeekend Cathy and thank you again. 🙂

    • Thank you Sweety07! As a fellow blogger, I know you appreciate the work behind what we do as a bloggin’ passion – and I appreciate all my new blogging friends very much. The weekend (eekend – got it!) was beautiful! Got so much done in the garden, in pots, and yard work – sunny and perfect to be outdoors for a while, Cathy T

  2. One of the highlights of my week (when I get the chance) is to get on here to read your blog and look at pictures you have posted. I am totally hooked – please continue on with your amazing writings ! You truly are very engaging !

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