The FIVE MUST DO’s for Successful Container Gardening

Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of (top left to right: Zirconicusso, Criminalatt, and Marin.  Bottom: James Barker and Simon Howden photographers)

A new page has been added to this blog where I share with you The Five Must Do’s for successful container gardening.

In all my container gardening talks, I go over every one of them and why they are so important – but now you can read them HERE on my blog.

You will find if you do all five, your container gardens will thrive, look amazing, and make you extremely happy.

So often, people will skip one or more of the steps, and they wonder why their plants are not doing well or growing poorly.  Once they follow my 5 MUST Do’s, they never look back again because their plants will thrive and grow so well.  Doing The 5 MUST Do’s is – well, a must!

Hope you enjoy the new page, accessible from my top menu bar under CONTAINER GARDENS.

Stay tune too – more tips are on the way.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa

4 thoughts on “The FIVE MUST DO’s for Successful Container Gardening

    • Yes, the photo of the big yellow pots with Jade plants is by James Barker, perfect example of a big pot. I love big pots, and as I get older, they are difficult to move but so worth it – I hope I never have to stop doing up big pots -they rock! Cathy T

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