Because it is October.

Photo by Cathy Testa

Photo by Cathy Testa

We had wonderful weather the past two weeks, best of fall (so far), at least in my opinion.  And the rainfall yesterday was needed to shower our beautiful mums and other plants in our landscapes.  Mums provide the much needed splashes of bright color along with the leaves changing as we transition through October.  Hope you have or are getting your pumpkins out.

A Reminder:  Don’t forget, a class offering on October 13th, Sunday for anyone interested in learning how to overwinter canna, elephant ears, or banana plants.  See my posting regarding the details HERE.  It is casual and informal but a great way to learn if you need that hands-on experience for your tender plants.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or to sign up, email me at

Enjoy your week in the meantime, heard mid-week will be sunny!

Cathy Testa

10 thoughts on “Because it is October.

  1. I agree the rain was needed and am loving the leaves changing. I took a ride through a remote area of Fairfield county yesterday and the fall foliage was breathtaking!

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