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Hey Fellow Fans, Bloggers, and Gardening Friends and Clients,

I FINALLY setup a new email id to reach me regarding my business.  It is appropriately called,

Just a heads-up it is available and primarily for communications regarding the plant-world and my business, Cathy T’s Landscape Designs.

Have a question about a plant or garden? Feel free to reach out anytime at this new id. I’m happy to help.

Or, click on the RED LEAVE A COMMENT box in any blog post (top-right) to add feedback here too.

By the way, my “Spring 2013 e:Pub” for my clients and gardening friends will be posted on my website soon, and will be sent out from this new id, so be on a look out for it.  My website name is still

Oh – Check out my very first POLL on this blog too – Your input, opinions, and thoughts count to me, so place your vote by scrolling down the right-side bar of this blog to click an entry – about your favorite container garden location at your home.  I will share the results with all of you regularly, or you can see the results instantly as soon as you enter your’s.

Now, as for the weekend, let’s enjoy the slow warm-up expected – another “finally.”

See you outdoors!  Container Crazy Cathy T

A good sign

A good sign

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