Snowlloween, Our First October Snowstorm

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Day Before – Friday; Oct 28th

Standing in-front of the television listening to the forecasters say there was a big nor’easter on the way, I thought, “This can’t be happening.” It was disheartening.  We were still cleaning up yard debris from the unusual tropical storm that hit our area in August.  Choosing to ignore the warnings of this new storm, I spent the day before doing other activities, and looking forward to a party that evening. I didn’t bother to get emergency supplies as recommended, nor did I take the time to work on my outdoor container gardens of tropical plants that were just hit by our first frost on Thursday. My cannas were holding onto a few last blooms and my large elephant ear plants were flopped over like wet heavy noodles from the cold.  They technically weren’t dead or lost yet, but it was now or never for a drop in temperature to freezing was eminent with this storm.  The rhizomes and tubers started to go into a rest of sorts, as if it hit by a sudden cool spell of the tropics, but they would not survive tomorrow outside and must be stored immediately. Instead of having the option of doing my yearly container garden breakdown process on a sunny warm autumn afternoon of my choice, I would have to work on them before our first ever October snowstorm.  Two days before Halloween, we (and our plants) were to experience and hopefully survive, what I coined, Snowlloween.  And it was about to get spooky.

To Be Continued

Day One

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