Mother Nature is Spookey

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Okay, Mother Nature – you tricked me again!  October turned out to be a beautiful month for us here in CT, weather wise, pretty warm and not too many cool days – thus, I have been busier this month than I was in July – go figure.

But all good for we know working outside in the gardens on cool, bright autumn days is very rewarding and enjoyable.  When autumn sunlight hits warm colors and those still hanging onto summer flowers, it is like a light show in nature.  And decorating for the fall season with container gardens is cheerful.

But then came yesterday.  We experienced our first sleet – and some snow fall!  I actually cooked a steak on the grill for dinner, and getting wet from the cool wet snow with sleet was NOT fun.  Why did I pick that meal last nite?  Guess I didn’t expect the bad weather to really happen as predicted by the forecasters.

This morning, we see frost on the windshields of our cars.  And some of my tropical plants responded to the weather by turning black.  This is okay – the typical recommendation is to let some tropicals be touched by frost before storing – because it induces a dormancy state.

I didn’t do all my container garden break-downs yet…and with this first frost – my goal is to break them down tomorrow.  For friends and clients nearby – if you want to pop by for a quick demo – feel free to call me.  I have about 10 canna containers to break down and couple of banana plants to tend to.  If you have a moveable pot and want to join me in the driveway to do your’s – as I said, just give me a call.

As for today – the sun is breaking out.  I just spotted my very first deer sighting in the backyard – 3 large sized visitors.  I turned on my CD player, and they scattered away as the outdoor speakers were still on.  I don’t think they like “Rage of the Machine” and why that CD is even in there, I don’t know.  Must be my nephew when last visiting inserted that CD.  I spooked the deer, just like Mother Nature spooked me yesterday with the change of temperatures and conditions.  Only a few days before Halloween too!

Picking up Trees

Two season ago, it was full on rain all season, then the next season, it was full on heat all season.  This season, we had the surprise of Hurricane – renamed Tropical Irene, to experience which tore the leaves of many of my big tropical plants and brought down trees – nature’s way of pruning. People are still recovering from the mess caused by that storm. And after the tropical storm, we had a mix of warm temperatures and rain in September.  See  for the significant weather events of 2011.

But this warm enjoyable October, which I would welcome every season, was a nice boost.  In my opinion, October was perfect up until yesterday.  Cathy T

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