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Well, folks, I didn’t realize when I first setup my blog about a year ago that it should be titled with something other than my name!  I’ve been trying to brainstorm something catchy but still nothing has clicked.  Because I’m crazy about container gardening, and anyone who has been to my classes or hired me to install containers at their home or business knows this about me.  My home and deck are loaded with abundant container gardens every season with a different theme and focus on colors, textures, and large bold lush foliage.  It is surely my passion.  And the other big thing about me is I’m a plant lover more than a hands-on gardener.  I don’t have much time to work on my own gardens because I work in the hort world, but I’m passionate about plants, from the botanical point of view.  I love seeing plants grow, observe their features, learn about the components of plants, and always find it fascinating to see how a flower can be so darn beautiful and serve so many purposes!  Without plants, we would not exist.  Period. So for now, I switched my Blog Title to Container Crazy.  But if I find something a bit more creative, I’ll change it later.  Any suggestions?

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