Thankful for a busy year

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This season was extremely busy for me and my business. For starters, I set up booths at a few garden related shows in the winter. Then I decided to sign up for master gardening classes that ran thru the winter into mid summer. And I also worked on a big first time gardening event in my town in June with new artisan friends. In between and during all this activity, I designed gardens and landscapes for about fifteen clients. In May, I had container garden parties booked every weekend. I ordered plants from growers for the first time this year versus just using my usual nursery sources. I acquired two new container install clients along with the usual onside guidance type visits. If you saw my calendar, you would laugh for it has so many notations. Now, it is November already, and in one week, I will be holding a kissing ball class in my home as we move into the holiday season. I am surely thankful to all my gardening friends and clients for their support! It is seven a.m. As I write this, two days after Thanksgiving, and i can say I am truly blessed for the support of friends, mentors, gardeners, and of course my husband who encourages me on my journeys! Time to take down the fall decor and untangle the Xmas lights, and save your hanging baskets for evergreens, leave the dirt in it, moisten the soil, and add the evergreens. More later.

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