New Page: Container Garden Pot Types

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Photos by Cathy Testa

Photos by Cathy Testa

Do you ever wonder if a particular type of container garden pot is worth the investment or how it helps or harms the growth and habit of your plants?  On this new page, I share my experience based on my use of various pots over the years.  See Container Garden Pot Types listed under the Container Gardens page on the top of this blog.

You will find terra-cotta, wood, concrete, and more listed and posted routinely.  There are so many choices and the options are limitless. Containers are the shoes to your plant’s roots.  And roots remain healthy and strong when growing in the right environment.

Containers and patio pots hold the soil and moisture, but the type of material from which they are manufactured can vary the temperature, water retention levels, and evaporation rate – so knowing a bit about the pots’ impact can help you make decisions on what to use for your plants.  You will want to also consider the size, drainage capability, durability, and overall look of the container or pot you select.

Finding a pot to suit your home’s exterior or interior is also a consideration.  There are many styles, colors, and sizes to choose from.  When you select the type to fit your decor, it results in an even more impressive display for your plant combinations.  It all starts with the pots.

Written by Cathy Testa