Counting the Final Hours til the Evergreens Class Begins

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Bitstrips: Source for Image

Bitstrips: Source for Image

The rain and sleet rapped on my window and helped me to sleep all evening, but this morning our loud cat meowed and woke up my mind.  Darn it, now I’m awake at 5:30 am.

Well, guess I’ll load some wood in the woodstove, get a cup of coffee going, and relax for a bit before going outside later this morning! Of course, I have to wait for the sun to rise.

The weatherman said last night, the sun would shine by noon and this light dusting of snow will naturally melt away.  Perfect, I thought.  In fact, could it be any more perfect?

For the past 4 years, I’ve organized this event – and every year, the weather has cooperated on the day of this class. The snow one year lightly fell right on queue.

I’ve considered maybe I get too obsessed about this event – seriously – can one go overboard?  Perhaps, but I do this for my friends, passionate clients, and those who appreciate the efforts.  And it is a great way to meet “new” friends and socialize.  Plus, you know what, my husband enjoys it too.  I truly believe he loves that I get into the spirit of decorating this time of year.

So I guess I’ll recoop my zzz’s after this week.  For those in the business supplying greens, trees, holiday decor, florist items, and more – they are very very busy this time of year.  And they do it all for their customers.  Why?  Cause we all love the season, and couldn’t image life without it.

And look who stole my spot in the bed.  My cat Hunter.  He is a male cat, he is loud, and if you enter a room he is sleeping in, within minutes he leaves to find another spot to sleep.  He is impatient.  (Get your rest buddy, cause you know what, there will be some activity here later!)

My cat Hunter.  He is a screamer - meows very loud when he wants something.

My cat Hunter. He is a screamer – meows very loud when he wants something.

Cyou soon!  Cathy Testa