8 Holiday Recipes for Your Dog Too!


I utilize a pet sitter for my three cats (and plants during the summer) when traveling. It is a service of tremendous value to my family, so when Pricilla Liang of DogVacay Blog reached out to me regarding holiday recipes for pets – and I realized DogVacay is also providing a valuable service by coordinating pet sitters with pet lovers around the country – the timing of this guest post by DogVacay could not be more appropriate.

As we have our treasured pets surround us in a room filled with holiday guests, we must also remember to keep an eye on our pets too because they are tempted to eat or sneak human treats. And also to keep them away from eating evergreens with red berries, such as Holly, used to decorate all around your home.

The evergreens or wrong food can make pets ill — and so, here are some alternatives by DogVacay Blog in their article titled: “8 Holiday Recipes for Your Dog Too!” written by Caroline on their site.

With written request and permission by Pricilla Liang, the Community Outreach Coordinator of DogVacay, it is a “guest post” I’m glad to share with my audience.

DogVacay is located in Santa Monica, CA.  They offer approved hosts of pet sitters in many areas around the country, including Hartford, CT.  You can find the link to the Hartford host site at the bottom of this post.

8 Holiday Recipes for Your Dog Too! 

by Caroline (of DogVacay)


(source: agcrescue.org)

The holidays give us more than enough reason to spend time with our families and eat amazing food.  Your dog will certainly be a part of the festivities, and he’ll patiently sit by the table as the humans eat their traditional dishes of a beautiful roasted turkey and gravy covering everything in sight. However, there are foods that you shouldn’t offer your pets, no matter how powerful their puppy dog stare is. To make this wonderful time of love a special one for your best friend, we’ve come up with recipes that serve as “doggy alternatives” to the usual holiday dishes you’ll see. This way, every member of the family can be spoiled with the spirit of the season, and it will be completely worth it to see how happy your pooch is from the feast prepared just for him!


(source: bestbullysticks.com)

1. Turkey Smorgasbord in a Bowl

Ingredients: Skinless turkey pieces, cooked oatmeal, cubed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy; Prep time: 30 minutes

When that big bird sits prettily on your table, you’ll have everyone’s mouths watering, not excluding your pets. Luckily, with such a large bird to share, you will most likely have enough leftovers to prepare a little Thanksgiving feast for your pooch. We’ve found a recipe that creates a hefty bowl of goodness, and advise that you omit the gravy if you want to lessen the fat content. Also, be sure to remove any turkey skin still on the bird. We guarantee that your dog will gobble-gobble it up, and don’t blame us for the excessive drooling!


(source: kitchendaily.com)

2. Stuffing Dog Treats

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, plain gluten-free breadcrumbs, dried parsley, pure pumpkin, eggs, organic turkey baby food, warm water; Prep time: 1 hour

No Thanksgiving is complete without good ol’ stuffing. Since regular stuffing that your family enjoys contain ingredients like onions and garlic (which are harmful to pets), try out this alternative! Watch this video tutorial on how to make soft, cookie-like treats that will stuff your pup full of holiday stuffing! Your pup will be thanking their lucky stars they have a mama who takes the time to prepare such yummy goodies for them!


(source: atasteofkoko.com)

3. Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins with Mashed Potato Icing

Ingredients: Eggs, honey, olive oil, canned pumpkin, cinnamon powder, Amaranth flour, ground ginger, baking powder, baking soda, fresh cranberries; Prep time: 1 hour

You’ll be blown away by this unique, pup-friendly combination of traditional holiday favorites. Although you might not find the combination particularly scrumptious, we promise these flavors will come together to transform into a tasty bonanza for your pet. Follow this recipe and as an extra treat, top the muffins off with fluffy mashed potatoes. We won’t judge you if you go ahead and take a bite… or two.


(source: sheknows.com)

4. Dognog

Ingredients: Plain low fat, organic yogurt, organic baby food, eggs, water; Prep time: 5 minutes

A holiday gathering simply isn’t complete without a hefty pour of eggnog. While your pup shouldn’t sample the adult eggnog, we’ve discovered a pup-friendly recipe that will have your pup barking for more! Now your pup can join in with dognog, a safe alternative that you can learn how to make here. If you really want to spoil Fido, a banana slice as garnish will add an extra kick.


(source: pattywhackdogs.com)

5. Pu(m)pkin Pie

Ingredients: Canned pumpkin, plain low-fat yogurt, whole wheat flour, oatmeal, unsweetened applesauce, water; Prep time: 30 minutes

Pumpkin pie is a wonderful dessert to present to your loved ones, but as the slices go around, make sure that your pooch stays away! The filling is actually unsafe for our furry friends. Instead use this pawesome recipe for pup-kin pie that will totally satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth.


(source: dogtreatkitchen.com)

6. Doggy Candy Canes

Ingredients: All purpose flour, powdered milk, baking powder, warm water, chicken bouillon, eggs, food coloring; Prep time: 2.5 hours

Candy is a big no-no for our canine friends, but we can still get into the spirit of the season by putting in some labor of love to produce amazing candy canes made just for your pup. There’s nothing better to your dog than homemade meals prepared by his parent, so get to it! You can find the recipe here.


(source: sippycupmom.com)

7. Christmas Dog Bark

Ingredients: Bacon, cheddar cheese, carob chips, crunchy peanut butter; Prep time: 25 minutes

How can you possibly go wrong with bacon and cheese? This simple combo will make your pup’s heart soar into holiday feast heaven. Check out this perfect alternative to the peppermint bark here, and prepare to wow the paws off your pooch!


(source: en.allexperts.com)

8. Puppy Meatloaf

Ingredients: Ground beef, cottage cheese, dry milk powder, wheat germ, oatmeal bread, cooked oatmeal, cooked brown rice

Meatloaf is a family tradition you won’t want to leave Fido out of. Even if the delicious one you made for your family isn’t fit for your pup’s palate, we’ve wrangled a recipe that’s 100% pup friendly! This beautiful arrangement of meat and carbs will be the ultimate holiday dinner for your pooch. The recipe is pretty straightforward, but it has everything that is safe and delicious for those furry chops. During this season of giving, gift your pup a warm loaf of drool-worthy satisfaction.

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