2018 is Here!


Hi Everyone,

A very quick post to say, hello and I hope your January 2018 month is going well so far.

This is a month of regrouping for me, planning for the calendar year ahead, and recovering from a very busy year and December holiday month.

I will be writing new posts very soon and wanted to say, “I’m still here!”

What is on your January list?

Are you regrouping too?

Have you jumped right back into your normal routine?

Are you dreaming of plants and creating with them yet? If yes, what is on your mind so far?

Let me know… Cathy Testa


4 thoughts on “2018 is Here!

    • Hi Carol, Nice to hear from you too. Well, u know where to find me – I’m always around and will be doing workshops starting in the fall this year. I’m going to be doing some other demo’s and FB lives in spring.

  1. Seeds ordered and already organized by seeding date, now just dreaming and impatiently waiting for planting time to begin. Minus 6 degrees F this morn here in Indiana, so it will be awhile!

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