One Week to Go!


Wow, it has been a busy holiday month – and I am excited it continues to be so festive, fun, and creative!

Here’s a sample of items made by Container Crazy CT (yep – that is me) and samples of items made by our attendees this month at our workshops.


Don’t you just love the horse above? Made by attendee, Dianne T. GREAT JOB!

I will finally be able to do my personal holiday gift shopping next week – which was never my style to wait until the last minute and enter stores void of products, tossed about in piles, or even damaged. But what makes up for that last minute world is the opportunities I have this month creating fresh quality items for orders and offering workshops where attendees make their own beautiful wreaths, kissing balls, and even horse wreaths (new option at this year’s 7th Annual Workshop.)

Smiles on attendees faces, festive feeling when a custom order is picked up, and greeting visitors at pop-up markets has been rewarding. So many people have told me they love what I have been creating and are enjoying my social media feeds, but I sure hope I’m not overdoing it. I guess when you have a passion, you just can’t stop talking about it.

I finally was able to decorate my own tree at our house yesterday. I took a little breather and I feel happy it is situated in the corner of my kitchen area. All lit up – the reflection in the windows is so beautiful. Topped with a burlap bow.

I’m sure everyone is busy as a beaver this week and next – or I should say as busy as an “ELF!” but if you happen to be in the area, please come visit me at the Pop-Up Vendor Event hosted by “Book Club Bookstore & More” on 100 Main St., Broad Brook, CT this Saturday, Dec 17th from 10 am to 3 pm. Don’t let the cold stop you. Swing by for a visit.

Also, there are some very interesting authors who will be there – visit the Bookstore’s web site or Facebook page to see. I’m intrigued and will have the bonus of meeting these wonderful authors and hearing their story. For the book readers in your life, this is a great shop to get books for adults and children. They also have great antique Christmas Cards and other art from local artists.

Happy Holidays Everyone,

Cathy Testa
Owner of “Cathy T’s Landcape Designs” and “Container Crazy CT”

For More Photos – Visit our site

3 thoughts on “One Week to Go!

  1. I so live to see this post and pictures on your webpage “Container Crazy Cathy T.”!!! The pictures are so great to see and I also have to give credit where credit is due …which in particular is to YOU for the nice horse head frame you provided for me at your class, along with the printed handout of instructions and some very helpful hints along with the pictures. Your attention to detail is beyond what most places have to offer. And a shout out to one of your “Christmas Helpers” – “LInda” for ALL her help in making my bow!!! I can’t take credit for that and it certainly added the finishing touch. Thank you Linda !Bridles and Horse Halters I’m all good with…bows…………not so much. 🙂

    And as a suggestion……………… PICTURES PLEASE, of your Christmas tree at home ! I know I wouldn’t be the only one who would like to see Cathy T’s own custom home decorated Christmas tree !! THANK YOU FOR ALL !!!

    • First – YES BIG THANK YOU to Linda – My Helper this year and she was just amazing with everyone. Love having wonderful women such as Linda and yourself at our workshops. And thank you for mentioning the attention to detail – I never want any of my attendees to be unhappy – and want them to learn, have fun, and walk way with something they are proud of – which pretty much occurs here at Cathy T’s workshops – which I’ve been doing for 8 + years. This was our “7th Annual Holiday Workshop” and I look forward to it every year! Happy Holidays….Cathy T. P.S. I’ll get going on the pictures of the tree too. Did you see the one on Instagram and how I put some succulents in it – looks cool!

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