Succulents for Weddings – How to Care for Them

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Have you noticed how wedding flowers are transitioning to include succulents or herbs in decorative small containers as wedding favors, table centerpieces, boutonnieres and embellishments on a bride’s wedding gown?

No longer are there strict rules on wedding traditions – Many brides are incorporating their own unique style or taste into their choices of arrangements. They may even put flowers on their dog walking down the aisle if they are a dog lover! Or use vegetables as a table centerpieces. I envy the brides of today – so many interesting ways to celebrate and the trends are expanding.

See HUFFPOST WEDDINGS article, dated January 21st, 2016, titled “14 Out of the Box Wedding Trends You’ll Soon Be Seeing Everywhere.

So, when a professional blogger by the name of Meredith of Bride169 contacted me to ask questions about how to care for succulents should you receive them as a wedding favor – I was not surprised at all to receive this question and very happy to reply.

I’ve been seeing succulents (among other choices) via Instagram and Pinterest being used in floral arrangements and as wedding favors. They are absolutely beautiful and unique. Plus, the other big bonus is they are living plants which last a long time after the wedding reception is over – maybe even years – thus, it is a great option for your wedding guests.

About Bride169

Bride169 focuses on “Celebrating all things Connecticut weddings. From proposal to honeymoon and beyond, Bride169 is your go-to source for all things bridal in CT.”

To read her blog post, click the link below:

How to Care for Your Wedding Succulents by Bride169


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