One More Day to Kick In Festive Decorations for the Holidays


It is just one more day until my big workshop where woman gather to create their evergreen holiday creations and get into festive gear mode!

I literally feel like I’m turning into Cathy Claus as I work on preparing everything – So much goes into the planning, timing of fresh greens, getting the craft mechanics, setting up the workshop room, decorating, cleaning, decorating some more, inside and out but I find the spirit within me each year.

Where do I get all this motivation?

Well, let me tell you – and you will think I’m a bit “crazy” – but I can hear the voices of the Kissing Ball workshop attendees of the past.

As I take out the shop vac, clean the floor in the workshop, dust off the upper light fixtures, and set up tables and chairs – I hear the ladies laughing, I hear the background holiday music, and I hear the chatter woman make when they are having a good time. Literally.

Holiday times can be tough – at times…

Also, I’ve noticed a few posts here and there on Facebook by friends – and holiday times can be tough for some.

Some of my lady friends have been challenged, I sense this, but when one friend recently wrote, “The holidays are not like they use to be, but I will cheer up at Cathy T’s Holiday Workshop!” – You have no idea what that meant to me.

You see – I could use some cheering up too at times. We all do. When we go to the crowded malls and see everyone rushing around – sometimes even I get a little down and think – What is this all for?

But I do feel from the bottom of my heart, the gathering tomorrow is a big gift to me. It is when we can have fun before we have to shop and prepare big meals for our families – which we all love to do but it is sometimes a lot of work. No doubt.

Favorite Part of the Holiday Month

One year, I told a friend the annual Kissing Ball and Holiday Creations Workshop is my favorite part of the holidays – and I do believe this. It is with friends, family, and new acquaintances. And although it takes effort to set it up and organize all – it is worth it.

No kids of Our Own

Steve and I did not have children – Not by choice, but it was “In God’s hands,” as my Dad said to me when I asked him in my early twenties about what he thought about if someone could not have children.

I remember asking him one day, “Dad, what would you have done if you couldn’t have kids? Would you be sad?”

He immediately replied with, “No, because it is in God’s hands.”

His words were soothing to me at that time – but I have to say, Christmas Day was always one of which I had a hard time. I envisioned the kids running down the stairs to open gifts. It always makes me a tad bit sad on Christmas morning in particular.

However, luckily I married a wonderful man and he is all I need, and we love each other – and by the way – he helps me big time with this event too. He is Mr. Claus right now!

You see, I created my own family. Perhaps, by mistake or as a result of having my small business – but THIS holiday workshop is my happy day, with friends whom appreciate all. It is like opening up presents with your kids on Christmas morning.

Kind of Mushy! I know…

Cathy T


Photo by Bitstrips. P.S. The festive drink will be cranberry, pomegranate, lime, ginger and you know what. Cu soon Ladies!


4 thoughts on “One More Day to Kick In Festive Decorations for the Holidays

  1. I just wanted to thank Cathy for putting on such a great class yesterday. I had such an AWESOME time making a kissing ball. Your selections of greens were BEAUTIFUL!!
    I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks so much Cathy. You’re the BET!!!

    • You are so welcome, Lisa! I really enjoyed hanging out with you after and chilling. Your kissing ball came out AMAZING. Glad you are part of the regulars here – and see you next year. Happy Holidays to you and your’s. Cathy T

  2. I have to echo the words that your KB Class is the highlight of my holiday season! It gives us all a minute to pause and relax and just enjoy one another’s company and forget about the stress that the holidays often cause.

    Thank you for opening up your home and your heart to us all each year!

    • Thank you so much Bonnie for being here with your sister and friend. You 3 were a blast, always smiling, and your kissing balls are the tops!! You are pro’s now!! Happy Holidays, Cathy T

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