Bottling Intoxicating Scents of Fresh Evergreens by Making Potpourri

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Last year, I made up a few of these adorable mason jars with fresh cut evergreen pieces and bits – and am re-sharing as an idea for hostess gifts, or even table name place seating idea. A fun idea and easy to do! Cathy T

Container Crazy CT

Sweeping up the floor of my classroom after an Evergreen Creations Class, a thought occurred to me.  I should collect some of the smaller cut pieces which fell to the floor to make potpourri.

And it was then I remembered, I picked up some mason jar covers at a Vintage Bazaar this summer with a precut pattern in them. They will be perfect.

Using some mason jars I had in stock, I filled the jars with bits and pieces of the greens. It was amazing how quickly the scent permeated from the jar.

Most people enjoy the scent of freshly cut evergreens – especially because it brings back memories.  Scent being one of the most powerful to remind you of something from the past.

The Cornell Cooperative Extension has an article on their website which states the feeling of evergreen aromas perfectly.

“Of all the memorable aromas of the…

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