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Hello Everyone,

Today’s post is to show an Infographic I found on the web while looking at other Infographics.  I love these visual depictions used to present data or information.  They are helpful, easy to read, useful and quick.  So, I had to share this one in particular recently spotted on Landscaping.  You will see they show “focal points” (#3) — and you know me – Container Gardens serve this purpose very well in gardens, outdoor spaces, and more.  On my Pinterest Boards, you will see more helpful finds of various Infographics.  In fact, last night there was a spike in the views of my Pinterest site, and it appears people were viewing lots of the Infographics I had pinned.  To see one on why pot smokers are skinny, go check it out – hey, I love the look of pot plants (they are pretty cool looking) – and when they are legal – you know I will have one in a container garden some day!  After all, it is kind of unfair we can’t enjoy the beauty of the plant for its visual features only. Also, there is a Pinterest board called, “Containers in the Garden,” on my Pinterest site, showing many examples of where I’ve spotted good photos of containers in gardens.  Enjoy!  Cathy T

Your Field of Dreams

Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


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