How Cheerios Trumped Roses on Valentine’s Day Morning


Getting a rose filled bouquet on Valentine’s Day is traditional indeed, but I received the sweetest surprise this morning from my husband of almost 24 years!  Signs in different places in the house in the most creative ways – one of which I just have to share because it touched my heart so much.  A sign made with Cheerios cereal!



I’m sorry – even as a plant enthusiast – I have to say, this one trumped red roses this year – just check out that exclamation point.  I wonder how long it too him to do this – the letters are perfect, and so is he!!!


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone,

Cathy Testa

Photo by picjumbo/Viktor Hanacek

Photo by picjumbo/Viktor Hanacek

2 thoughts on “How Cheerios Trumped Roses on Valentine’s Day Morning

  1. What a great, great, guy you have !!! This was awesome to see….. he wouldn’t (by chance), have any engineering background? 🙂 Those are truly perfect letters ! Still so very happy that you have this wonderful blog to read – extremely up-lifting and exciting ! Don’t stop !

    • Dianne, He is an engineer – you should see how he writes on a piece of paper. Have to say, it was a special surprise and made my day, so had to share. Thank you for all the compliments on my blog – please share it with your friends too! Cath

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