Four Tools Used to Make Carving Pumpkins Easier


IMG_9840There is no doubt carving pumpkins this time of year is all about tradition and fun.  So when my husband and I decided to carve our designated chosen pumpkins this weekend, I took out some tools which I use to make the process easier.

A Power Drill
A Metal File
A Hammer
An Ice Cream Scoop

Steve just needs a sharp knife!

As we enjoyed the rays of the autumn sun and a few specialty fall cocktails, we began our carving ritual.  It didn’t take long for Steve to utter the words he repeats every single year, “Uhm, let me see. What face should I do?”

Well, folks – while he makes that statement every single year, he always just goes with the traditional triangle eyes and nose with a smile face.  It cracks me up.  And it takes him only a few minutes to get his pumpkin carving job done.


Meanwhile, I had no idea what I was going to make for a face on my pumpkin, but I suddenly remembered a bag of mixed beads and jewelry pieces I bought at a warehouse sale, and thought – Oh yah, now I have a use for those! But of course before the bling and decor, I had to clean out the pulp and I find an ice cream scoop to be the best for this process.  It is strong enough to scrape the inside edges and take out big chunks of the pulp.  Steve is in charge of separating all the seeds, which he proudly does every year because he likes to bake them.



The power drill is used to drill 3 medium holes where my pumpkin’s eyes were placed, then I used the knife to carve out the shape.  Because holes were there first, it was easier to cut the thick pumpkin’s shell to create the shape of my pumpkins eyes.


I also use the file to smooth out the edges of the eyes.  Once the eyes were done, I stuck in leaf shaped jewelry pieces made of flexible metal.  I love how the pieces reflected shadows on the pumpkin in the sun, and the leaves kind of looked like lush eye lashes.  My pumpkin was developing a personality.




The power drill is also used to make indents or small pilot like holes for the mouth. Using a sharpie marker, I first drew the line for the smile.  Then a small drill bit to make little holes along the line.  I inserted little red beads into each hole and used a hammer to tap them in.  Then I attached a crystal as the nose with a simple small nail.


Another saved item that popped into my head which I could use were turkey feathers I found in my yard.  They were super easy to just insert right into the pumpkin because the tips are so strong.  So thus, there was a bit more bling.


After we were done with our craft, we set them into their positions in our yard, then pulled out two cozy chairs, faced the western sky with a bright full sun, and enjoyed the rest of our day relaxing (and admiring our pumpkins).


Even though our pumpkins are not really visible from the road since we have a long driveway, we still light the candles in them every night up to Halloween eve.


And, by the way, the pumpkin ritual is always initiated by my husband, Steve.  I love that he is a kid at heart – especially during the holidays.


P.S.  He also insists on baking the pumpkin seeds very very slowly, but then I debated turning up the heat – thus the combined result – some with a bit of smoked flavor and some soft and chewy.  Each having its own unique twist, just like our pumpkins!

photo (10)

Happy Halloween Everyone.  It will be here soon!

Written by Cathy Testa


3 thoughts on “Four Tools Used to Make Carving Pumpkins Easier

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE !!! Cathy you are just so, flipping creative !!! Love Steve’s too !!! It truly is about tradition !!! Love being a kid at heart !!! Thanks for the great tips !

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