Mini Embellishments offer Maximum Inspirations


The first thing I did this morning, even before turning on my coffee maker, was take a photo of my mini creation from last night’s workshop held at my home.  It is themed after the bird houses in my own backyard and kept simple, yet it made me smile and feel inspired. I think I’ll keep it right here by the chair I like to have my morning coffee in, and during the dreary days of winter, it will be a little reminder of warmer sunny days returning when the birds start visiting our birdhouses to build their nests again.

My Birdhouse Themed Mini Garden

My Birdhouse Themed Mini Garden

Themes were an important feature discussed by my very special guest instructor, Rhonda Niles, of Gardening Inspirations. She went over the how to’s and the why to’s as she gave a very professional workshop for the attendees.  Many of my good friends, clients, and new faces from local garden clubs were part of the group. Having a mix of people made observation interesting, as each person pondered their theme choice.

Barn yard themed by an attendee

Barn yard themed by an attendee

One attendee, Dianne, themed her miniature garden on a farm and farm animals. She has a quaint farm herself, and is an avid horse lover.  The charming bowl she brought with a handle was the perfect choice.  She asked her partner to drill holes in it, for she knows the rules about drainage, and in his honor, she included a mini beer can in her scene. Can you see it?

Another themed her creation on a dog park, and there were fantasy themes such as fairy woodland hide aways. One of the fairy gardens scenes was by my cousin, another Diane in the group. She thought about including a wine table but we agreed the vino didn’t seem right in this fairy world. But I just loved how she put a fairy on top of the little house, and the other one on a patch of soft grass.

Fairy land Scene

Fairy land Scene

Each came out very unique and special. I particularly enjoyed themes based on a special place. It is fun to recreate a place in a pot.  Kim, another attendee, created a secret looking scene too.  It came complete with the gazing ball and white bunnies. And her red wooden pot choice was perfect too.

Woods n Treasures by Kim

Woods n Treasures by Kim

We enjoyed some girl time, refreshments, and one of the most pleasant cool evenings of August. Everyone was enjoying creating so much, it started to get dark and we worked by candlelight.  Many attendees had balanced looks to their designs – perhaps a method to practice landscape designs!

I am blessed to have the opportunity to offer these types of classes, and appreciate Rhonda’s efforts to setup, instruct, and provide explanations about the dwarf plants and miniature embellishments. With good care, everyone’s take home Miniature Garden will last a very long time.

Thank you to Rhonda and our guests for a very enjoyable evening!  And…Have a good weekend.

Cathy Testa



2 thoughts on “Mini Embellishments offer Maximum Inspirations

  1. Once again Cathy T’s – puts on a wonderful event. I absolutely love my miniature garden. Thank you to all who helped me focus and achieve what I had hoped for. The horse actually wasn’t supposed to be “sleeping” in the picture – LOL – he had fallen over. I hope to enjoy it for a long time to come. Rhonda was excellent with her presentation and the quality and quantity of items she brought for the gardens was great! Cathy T’s place was magnificent! You couldn’t ask for a better workshop area. The food and refreshments were done up as to make you feel you were in a 5 star atmosphere ! And her containers and plants she has just make you want to stay so much longer. I stepped outta my 4-legged box and had a very enjoyable evening. It ended much to soon for me !! Thanks Cathy – I look forward to your next !

  2. Thank you Dianne for your positive comments. There’s something about creating together as a group, as you know. Rhonda of Gardening Inspirations did an amazing professional presentation for us. I’m looking forward to future workshops and classes in the fall and winter. Cathy T.

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