Arts and Crafts at a CT Nursery this Weekend

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The Gledhill nursery in West Hartford, CT is holding an Arts and Crafts fair this weekend on August 2 and 3, 2013 from 10 am to 4 pm. I happened to visit this nursery for the first time yesterday (as part of my goal to visit nurseries listed in the CT Garden & Landscape Trail.)

On my way to this place, I did run into some roadway construction coming from Bloomfield but it moved quickly and perhaps will be done by Saturday. But also be on the lookout for the entrance. It can be tricky to see the enter versus exit road. Look for the street sign. As you drive down it, you will feel as if you are entering a private residence. The driveway into the back parking area is very narrow and lined with beautiful plants and trees. This nursery has an immediate park like feel to it.

RoadA friendly nursery staff person greeted me immediately as I entered the grounds, admiring the small water gardens in particular. She apologized for the mix of plant areas as she explained they were organizing spaces for the 30 vendors participating in a crafts fair this weekend. It is held annually. So I thought I need to post this immediately to let everyone know about it.

The nursery staff person also told me their landscape department has a knack for water gardens as she noticed I was taking photos of them. This garden center has some small greenhouses, a nice gift shop, and displays such as a path leading to an arbor. If I were able to go this weekend to see the crafts show, I would but other commitments prevent it. If you decide to go, let me know what you think. Oh, I also noticed they had some organic products on their shelves for bugs and fertilizers.

Water gardens

The plant areas had little garden decor here and there too. It seems like a fun place to browse, plants very healthy all around, and I’m sure in the height of the season there’s more to enjoy. There’s lots of inspiration for those taking notice of all the details all around the premises.

Organically at Gledhill

The address is 650 Mountain Road, West Hartford, CT 06117. 860-233-5692.

Just be sure to drive carefully into the area. I suspect they will have additional parking during their event this weekend with all the vendors planned.


Their website is


Overall, park like, tranquil, and secluded. When I commented that folks from my area may not know about Gledhill, she replied, neither do some locals to West Hartford. Perhaps, now, they will.

written by, Cathy Testa

Water garden Gledhill

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