Capturing the Beauty of Flowers – Second Class Offering


On May 29th, Wednesday, I will be offering the “Capturing the Beauty of Flowers” class again to accommodate an after work hours schedule for those requesting to attend an evening session.  Click on CLASSES on this blog, or here to read the details:

Capturing the Beauty of Flowers Class Flyer II

It will be held (rain or sine) at The Garden Barn Nursery & Landscape on 228 West Street in Vernon, CT.

To sign up Today, email Cathy Testa at, or call (860) 977-9473.

And P.S. We have a frost advisory in effect for tonight’s low temps.  Cover those tender plants if you planted them outside and bring in your hanging baskets this evening.  Protect your plants.  The good news is we have sunny weather predicted otherwise.

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy Cathy T
(860) 977-9473 cell

2 thoughts on “Capturing the Beauty of Flowers – Second Class Offering

  1. I’m so glad you included the warning about the freeze tonight! I’ve never planted anything outside until Memorial Day but this year, I keep seeing people posting all over FB pics of them planting their flowers and gardens already. I thought I was going crazy and being too old-school but I guess I’m just being safe. 🙂

    • You are not crazy, we all get anxious – that is for sure, and if people take the tender ones in every night, they may get away with it. But it will be a cold one tonite, so I’m glad I’m holding off too, like you. I don’t like to see my plants injured or weakened. Cathy T

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