Flat Tire Flowerpots

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Flat Tire Flowerpots.

Checkout this link above! Flowerpots made from recycled tire pieces.  How neat. From the site: flattireflowerpots.com.  For $9.99, you can order up a kit for your kid.  This is a great children’s project and educational, and of course, getting junk rubber off the streets is always a good thing for our environment.

A Cathy T Tip: Make sure to use plants that can tolerate heat and stay relatively small. These containers will absorb heat when placed in full sun due to their black color.  I would use small succulents (like Hens n Chicks) or drought tolerant types (like Sedums or Lavenders).  Something (i.e., chemistry?) tells me edibles shouldn’t be placed in this type of material because of its potential heat absorption power.  I’m not sure of the impact of the material’s core content.  Does anything escape in that heating process, who knows?

Small Succulent

Small Succulent

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