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Save the date to visit me at the Ellington Farmers Market this Saturday, May 12th. Along with all the other wonderful local vendors, we will be celebrating the market’s weekly theme, “Gardening Grows the Spirit.”

To me, nature’s spirit is represented every day in the garden by the way of light and water. Often a droplet of rain sitting on a leaf will shimmer just like a jewel or the rainbow’s colors will be revealed while watering plants. Even a fly – yes a fly, landing on a plant, has a glimmer of iridescence on its back that one may notice.

Nature has a way of providing its own bling – thus my offerings at my first date at the market are about growing the spirit with a bit of bling. Yes, “Bling your Spring,” I say! You can expect to see unique container gardens of a size manageable to take home to Mom or for yourself, along with some bodacious plants. I hope you will have the time to come visit on Saturday.

The market opens at 9:00 am and closes at 12:00 pm each Saturday. It is located at Arbor Park on Route 286/Main Street in Ellington, next to the Ellington Fire Department and Hall Memorial Library. Look for the white gazebo. Enter along the side driveway which continues to a large parking lot in the back that circles around to another exit.

Cyou soon, Cathy T

Cathy T Farmers Market May 12

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