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The first day of May has finally arrived.  Hopefully the chilly evenings we have been experiencing lately will pass soon for it is testing my patience.  I want to get rockin’ and rollin’ with my plants outdoors now. 

Here’s some updates of activity coming up on Cathy T’s Calendar – and I hope on your’s too!


Click on my “DIY and How-To Classes” link on this blog to read about a class coming up in June 2012.  My guest speaker, Laurie Noll, will be showcasing a “Raindrop Technique” and reviewing many oils derived from nature’s offerings.  This get together will be held outdoors (weather permitting) and includes a demonstration and review of the benefits derived from many essential oils.  Give your mind, spirit, and senses a break of relaxation.  Join us if you can.  You will find it renewing.


In two weeks, I will be making my first apparence at the Ellington Farmer’s Market.  Click on the “Calendar” link on this blog to read more, obtain directions, and see the details.  The market is held on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  I will be there on 3 key dates:  The Saturdays of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Memorial Day.  My first date with the market is Saturday, May 12th.  Get ready to “Bling your Spring” with the unique container gardens and plants I will have available for sale.  You won’t regret stopping by as there will be many other vendors with wonderful locally grown or created products.  Plus there’s a band too!


I’ve been doing some garden talks at various locations on — of course, Container Gardening, with a special focus on “color and texture.”  I have to say, the response has been very positive by the attendees.  One lady told me she knows nothing about gardening and learned things she never knew during my talk.  Another said she went out and bought containers that next day to start practicing the techniques covered.  See the “Calendar” section on my blog for more dates coming up.  This week, I will be at the East Windsor High School, on Thursday evening, May 3rd, to share my career experience of working in the horticultural world with students during their Career Fair.


This is probably the project I’ve been enjoying most, but then again, I’m super excited about the farmer’s market participation as well.  There is a new park in my hometown of East Windsor, CT, on Resevoir Road being built as I type.  It is a park for the young gen and their family to enjoy the extreme sports of skate boarding.  Now, mind you – I have no experience in skateboarding myself – but I do enjoy “fast moving” sports. Yet, I was very inspired by the dedication of the town families, parents, committe, and kids that worked six years to raise funds for this park.  Thus, I decided to offer my help of planting recommendations and design elements for the park.  And I presented the project to the Master Gardener Interns at the Tolland Agricultural Center in Vernon, CT as an “Outreach Project”.  It is all volunteer based, non-profit, and an excellent opportunity to learn about the various design phases.  Next door to the BMX/Skate Park is a new dog park, if you didn’t know.  As I’ve visited the site with interns, I’m impressed to see how many local people use the dog park too.  If you think you’d like to participate on “Planting Day” or drop off some divisions from your gardens as a contribution to the Plant Wish List, please contact me at 860-977-9473.  Thank you in advance! 


I’ve done several designs this spring for homeowners.  To see the latest testimonials, go to “DESIGNING LANDSCAPES” section of my blog.  I have to say, sometimes I think landscape designing is more about creating solutions than plants.  Every client had a unique problem to solve, like how to preventing four very active dogs from digging in garden beds to how to design a front foundation which actually prevented people from going to the main front door.  However, what I love about the digital imaging conceptual designs, it helps the homeowners to see the suggested solutions with the various plant options at the same time.  I’ve added a new feature to my design offeringst his season called ePlans, where I email the images direct to you as a client.  It has been well-received, is fast and functional, and actually quite fun.  Like unveiling the grand stage, and with the iPhones and smart phones out there, this is just a perfect fit.  You can click and carry your design images direct to the nursery or work with me for a “Design and Deliver” as you plant your design concepts.  Interested?  Call me to learn more.  And if you happen to be a landscape installer reading this post – call me – I’m available to do designs for you and your clients.


I’ve begun the process off potting up some Canna rhizomes and elephant ear tubers.  And will be picking up my plant order next week for my upcoming shows, booked container garden parties, and special orders including dressing up a client’s patio for an upcoming special occassion and helping another client with her son’s wedding.  So the days are keeping active.  Just yesterday, I lined up my pots to get them ready on a new potting bench I made out of a nine foot long pallette. 

In summary…as we start our May month – the best kickoff month to gardening, I hope you will come visit me or give me a call if you need a design, some planting advice, a container garden party, or container install at your home or business. 

In the meantime, enjoy the rain we are suppose to get this week – it sure is dry out there.  My plants and your’s are thirsty.  Thank you for visiting my blog, Cathy T



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