Cool wet morning

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On this cool, wet rainy morning, I’d like to post a few quick reminders of items on the gardening agenda:

Painting on Silk

My next DIY Class offering is scheduled on Tuesday, February 21st, 5:30 pm.  A complete description is available via the DIY Classes link on this blog.  Hope you will join us as this is a rare opportunity to learn an amazing technique of dyeing fabrics with the world of nature’s colors by an talented guest artist, and she is local to Broad Brook, CT.

Following this class, next on list is a topic focused on “Garden Maintenance.”  Save the date: March 22nd.  I’ve invited a Master Gardener who does strictly garden maintenance as a job “every day.”  She will be sharing lots of tips and advice.  Learn from someone who is offering hands-on experience and guidance on the how-to’s of garden maintenance.  See DIY Classes.

Cathy T’s Garden Talks

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at Our Savior Lutheran Church in South Windsor, CT this week.  Such a wonderful group attended with much enthusiasm for gardening, and yummy desserts following my presentation on Container Gardening with a special focus on color and textures with the how-to’s included.  One attendee told me afterwards she had never seen someone speak about plants in containers the way I did.  Let’s just say, I get passionate about it.  This talk is scheduled again on March 20th, Tuesday at “Stir The Pot” in East Windsor, CT and April 17, Tuesday at Hall Memorial Library in Ellington, CT.  See the CALENDAR link on this blog for more details.  We’d love to see you there.

CT Flower and Garden Show

I can’t believe this show is starting next week already!  Held at the Hartford Convention Center in downtown Hartford on Thursday, February 23rd through Sunday, February 26th.  Whether you are an avid gardener or not, you will enjoy the show full of inspiration from many people in the business and garden lovers.  And if you are local to my hometown, or nearby, and would like to join the carpool ride I’m arranging with breakfast included, see my CALENDAR link on this blog for the details.  When you go to the show, don’t overlook the seminar speakers held on the upper level of the convention center, called the Ballroom Floor.  Seminars are held all day as part of your entrance ticket to the show.  Some folks overlook this benefit of the show’s offerings because they don’t realize they are happening above the main show floor filled with landscape and gardening displays.  The speaker list is amazing. See and click on SEMINARS for the listing of speakers and times.

Philadephia Flower Show

And right after that – I head to Philadelphia for their flower show in early March.  This when the inspiration will kick into high gear.  Oh yah, Longwood Gardens – I want to see that too.  Well, better go – much to prepare for!  See this link for more on Philly:

Have a great weekend, Cathy T

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