The Silk Lady


The silk lady is not a sophisticated enough title for the woman I am about to write you about, for her talent of creating nature with art is breathtaking.  The first time I saw her work at a garden symposium two years ago, an intense eye candy experience occurred.  The bright coloring of oranges and soft yellows against a luscious green background popped out to me from down a hallway.  Walking there to take a closer look is when I met Liena Dieck, the artist behind the flower that drew me to her booth at the show.  With her Russian accent, she began to explain to me the way in which her work of art is created on fabric with dyes – on silk no less.

Silk, I thought.  Hmmm, how does she do that?  Not only did I wonder how, it was obvious her creations are of high-quality.  Her work is not only showcased on items to hang on your wall as paintings, but on wears – on clothing items.  Little did I know at the time, I would learn more about Liena Dieck through other avenues.  In fact, I discovered she lives right in my hometown.  It took a trip to a garden symposium, in Portland, CT, for me to meet a neighbor with a love of art and nature.  Our connection grew from that point forward.

Vivid Oranges

Fast forward to today.  I begged Liena to hold a class as part of my DIY Class series and she has agreed.  It will be held this month, February 21st, in the evening.  To read the details of the class offering, click on DIY Classes above on my blog.  You will find a flyer attached with an explanation of the class and photos of her art works.

Liena Dieck has an extensive background.  Let me start with her education.  She graduated from Moscow State University in Russia and of Paier College of Art, Inc. in Hamden, CT. She is a fellow member of The American Artists Professional League (AAPL) and of Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club (CLWAC), both located in New York, NY.  And she is part of SPIN (Silk Painters International); Silk Painters’ Guild for Fine Artists.

Liena will tell you that although she graduated from an art college with an award of excellence, she is a self-taught silk painter, who has been working almost exclusively in this medium for over 12 years. Her love for realism in art made her come up with a signature technique of silk painting that allows her to create work in a variety of genre – from fine art floral paintings to portraits.

Liena Dieck’s work on silk has been featured in several US and foreign magazines. In 2008 a book with her botanical paintings on silk with dyes was published (“Moth Orchids” by S. Frowine). In 2009, Liena was awarded a title of Master Silk Painter by SPIN – an international organization of silk painters.  And in 2011, I displayed Liena’s painting, the one shown on this blog posting, on the Better CT television program when I was lucky enough to talk about my Container Garden Parties on t.v. last year.  I was sure to point out – this painting is on silk.  It was an amazing backdrop that day on the program.  “A botanical painting on silk with dyes,” I told the producers that day with excitement.

“Botanical paintings on silk with dyes.” Yes, that is a great description of what I experienced when I saw her art for the first time.  And imagine, wearing this art on your body?  As a scarf, wrap, or vest?  These are the type of wearable art pieces she creates with passion.  As for her silk paintings, Liena’s have been exhibited throughout the United States and abroad, and can be found in corporate and private collections in England, Belgium, Monaco, Russia, Switzerland and USA. Her exhibits are showcased beyond my little hometown of Broad Brook, CT.

Sunflowers on SilkSunflowers on Silk

This photo of sunflowers on a blue background is my current favorite by Liena, although it is difficult to select just one of her pieces as a favorite.  It is actually on a beautiful silk fabric weareable piece.  You can see a model showcasing it via my DIY Classes link, where you can locate the class flyer with details and photos.  If she brings this piece to my class this month, I’m not sure how I can resist purchasing it.  It’s been on my mind for some time. To see more of Liena Dieck’s work, from still-lifes, portraits, landscapes, and of course, wearable art, visit her website at

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