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Hey Everyone!  I’ve reached 101 posts on my blog since starting it on a November fall day a year ago (I think it was a year, geez, time flys!).  So I thought this would be the appropriate time, seeing as I hit 101 posting, to update the look of my blog.  It needed some color – thus here it is.  What do you think so far?  Let me know.


The next class on my series is called, “Creating an Encaustic Treasure.”  Read all about the details by clicking above on DIY CLASSES.  A full, detailed description is included.  It was suppose to be held last Saturday, but our one and only snowfall this winter came on my first class day of the year – go figure!  However, this weekend is predicted to be in the 40’s and sunny – not that it is held outdoors, but it allows for safer travel for the attendees.  Why don’t you join us?  It is fun, creative, inspiring, and artful while incorporating nature.  Part of my goal is to “combine nature with art”, thus noted on this new blog format. Look out for the February class scheduled, it will give you a wonderful window into how into how flowers are dyed onto silk to creates spectacular works of art.  I can’t even put it into words appropriately how beautiful this guest instructor’s talent is – you have to see it for yourself!  Our talented artist, speaking on this topic, will do that for all the attendees.  Interested?  Click away above on DIY CLASSES and let me know what you think.  Contact me for any questions, interest, and if you are an artist yourself.


I attend several horticultural related events every year as a guest, helper, volunteer, attendee, or speaker.  See the list which shows the events I like to make sure are on my calendar.  You will see a “Special Tour by Cathy T” via the Calendar menu bar choice for February.  I’m organizing a group to the CT Flower and Garden Show.  Want to ride with a group, have breakfast before we go, and get dropped off and picked up at the door of the convention center in Hartford for the upcoming flower show?  Yes!  Well, e-me or click on the link to read more details.


You know, my hairdresser suggested this idea.  Why didn’t I think of it before?  She’s a mother and said she would love to have my container garden party service offering but as a kid’s birthday party.  Well, that sounds wonderful to me too.  In fact, last summer, I had a booth at a community day in East Windsor. There were lots of kids there.  They came by to see my container of plants at my booth, especially because it happened to be Mother’s Day weekend.  I have to say, kids are the best listeners when it comes to plant facts.  They all were so into the plants and adorable as they selected a special plant for their Mom.  I remember thinking, I have to do more with kids and plants – thus here I go.  See the KIDS CONTAINER GARDEN PARTY menu choice for more details.  Give me a giggle in you are interested.


Some of you may remember that I mentioned I will be calling you if you have requested to hold a date for the regular CONTAINER GARDEN PARTY bookings.  So ring-ring, I will be contacting you next week.  Look over your 2012 calendar for the date you want to hold for your Container Garden Party.  They are precious in season.  I’m so excited to be looking over the grower’s new plants right now this week in preparation for my call to you and for the season’s fun to come.


My two latest landscape designs are underway.  One is for a business in Enfield and the other is a volunteer activity for a skate park in town, which I have mentioned previously – gee, another kids related activity.  There isn’t much snow on the ground right now, so remember, design services are available “right now”…and it is good to consider hiring a designer, Cathy T, before the rush of the season in April or May when everything ramps up rapidly.  Just a reminder.


I was playing around with videos, but the comical part was it was always when I was dressed, well, like a gardener, with sloppy dirty farmer jeans on – and often in a bit of a rush.  One video was the day before our October storm, it was so cold out, the other video in my basement showing how to do bulbs in containers for the holidays.  They are blooming right now in my house – red tulips – how nice (although a little late)  Anyhow, my point, I’m trying the video thing, will keep adding topics that I hope you enjoy.  Thanks for visiting.  Cathy T

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