Its Canna Time – Photo Fri

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Peach Bloom

It is Canna Lily blooming time on my deck right now.  For this Photo Friday shot – here is a peach bloom that is just lovely and delicate, but I have others from speckled yellow blooms to bright oranges and reds of other varieties too.  This one reminds me of a gladiolus or orchid but on a larger scale – and the foliage is a soft blue green which is different!  Canna lilies, to me, are just wonderful repeat visitors and with the proper overwintering storage, you save tons of money by using them every year.  They combine well with other tropical plants like the bananas on my deck this year.  I like to cluster containers at various heights to create rooms and drama.  Some are set ontop of a second container turned upside down to elevate them even higher, or you can use small tables, wooden boxes or crates.  And if your container doesn’t have a drain hole (your-bad!), it will be okay for Canna lilies because they can sit in water too!  In fact, I have one in a water container and two tree frogs spent their first few weeks of life inside the container.  I could see them clinging on the inside facing up until they moved out.  Cuties!  If you have used Canna Lilies for the first time and need a lesson on how to properly store them this fall, feel free to contact me for a personal lesson. This is a service I provide to my clients and anyone in need of help.  I’ll come to your house by appointment with the supplies and show you how to do it right!  Happy Photo Friday —- Cathy T

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