Fields of Dreams

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Photo Friday’s shot is a field of dreams – a field of the future – an inspirational day, taken last Friday, May 13th, when I picked up a load of plants from this wholesale yard for my upcoming Container Garden Parties and gardening events!  And although it was “Friday the 13th”, there was no bad luck experienced.  The sun was shining, a helpful employee walked the grounds with me talking plants and birds, and then Steve and I went to lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day – even hitting up another retail nursery to look around at what was new!  This day was very inspirational for me – I hope to someday fill my property with this many plants.  Perhaps that is ‘dreaming in color’, as my Dad would say!  Now, let’s hope our sun returns here in Broad Brook, CT this weekend.  We need it after a week of wet weather – and so do my plants.  The word “nursery” hasn’t been more prevalent than this week.  Cathy T

Visions of the future

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