Playing with EVs

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Ever since I held a class called, “Making Evergreen Holiday Kissing Balls“, earlier this month, I can’t stop playing with creating fun holiday containers stuffed with various evergreens!  Winter container gardening is fun!  Tin containers work really well because they can handle the expansion and contraction of the soil which is moistened in the container and then freezes from the outdoor winter temps. 

Tin with EVs

Festive and Fun

Other good container choices are antique wooden boxes or moss hanging planters.  I took a moss hanger which I had stored in my basement from this summer. 


Reused Hanger

I kept the soil in there with plans to create a evergreen basket for the holidays. It worked perfectly.  The soil was pre-moistened before I inserted the pines, junipers, balsam fir and arborvitae cuttings.  Then I let the basket sit outside for a night so the soil freezes really well which anchors the cuttings in the container.  The next day I started inserting pine cones and other holiday decorative artifical elements like berries and sparkly fruits. 

I love having these evergreen container arrangements staged around the outside of the house. The other day a friend stopped by and commented on how wonderful everything looks outside, but it really consisted of all the pretty container of evergreens and red ribbons.  Easy to do and it is great to reuse your summer containers in a new way. 

Next winter, I plan to hold a class on making these!  On my business page on Facebook, you can see some videos of how I do this, or just signup for my class next year! It will be held in early December and I will post it 2 months prior for signups.  It is a year away, but this season, I’m testing out various processes and materials.  You can play with fun containers or more formal.


Let It Snow

This weekend, I’m going to create a evergreen arrangement in a beautiful urn.  Urns are great for this winter container gardening and can be very showy on a front porch or entry way.  They are formal and elegant. 

It is best to keep the creations outside as they will remain green for months, up to February.  Inside they can dry out quicker, but these containers stuffed with evergreens can be used as a holiday centerpiece on your table.  I would just recommend keeping it outside to extend the life of the greens as they are dormant. 

Wait til it snows, I love the snow on the evergreens too. Enjoy the festivities!  Happy Holidays!  And keep on containering into the New Year!  Cathy T

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