What’s New

Seeds, Cannas and Elephant Ears:

Cathy Testa is offering seeds in 2018 to grow your own plants in container gardens and patio pots from seeds. Think cool season crops, such as, Kale, Radishes, Lettuces, and Beets in pots early in the season. Or consider herbs such as basil, oregano, and parsley in window boxes. And then of course, by early April, you should start your tomato and pepper seed sowing. If you need amazing seed varieties, contact me!

I’m also offering canna and elephant ears in starter pots, which I’m growing myself, and you can reserve one – just contact me. They should be moved into your container gardens and patio pots on Memorial Day, but I’m growing them now in April in my greenhouse.

PLANT REFURBISHMENTS – Continue in 2018!

Did you know that Container Crazy CT offers “Plant Refurbishments” for your houseplants and other types of plants?

Do you have a tired houseplant in need of major renewed life? Is it pot bound, are roots sneaking out of the bottom of the pot, is there little or no new growth?

These are signs your plant needs to be refurbished into new soil, and a new pot in some cases when it is showing signs of needing a larger container.

If your plant is falling over from weight of being top heavy, or is it always thirsty because the old soil isn’t retaining moisture anymore, or salt deposits have formed on the rims or surface, these are all signs your plant is in need of care and replanting.

Replant and Propagate (Making plant babies for you):

If yes, considering having Cathy T replant your plant(s) in new fresh quality potting mix for success. We will also propagate the plant to make new ones for you if the plant type is deemed appropriate. You may have one plant and end up with many to take home.

You will be amazed at how your prized plant looks once it has a new revived life. Don’t be afraid to ask about this new service. Some rules apply which we will discuss when you contact us (such as, if the plant is too diseased.)

Examples of plants which you may be interested in having this done for you are Jades, Ferns, Christmas Cactus, Easter/spring Cactus, overgrown regular cactus, Spider Plants, Aloe, Agave, and/or anything that has been overcrowded in a pot for years and needs a rescue.

Spring thru Fall is the Best Timing

Each plant has unique specifications to accomplish moving it to a new environment and for propagation. In most cases, spring to fall is the best time to get this done. And due to our growing environment space, we will provide the plant an optimal place to do the process of refurbishment.


Cathy T spreads the “plant love” by offering workshops and plants at various locations.

We recently added the new “Stafford Cidery” on Main Street in Stafford Springs, CT as another workshop location in 2017. Check them out for great hard cider.

In 2018, we will be offering workshops in Broad Brook, CT as usual and host facilities. Stay tuned for the announcements.

We are also offering demonstrations at the Ellington Farmers Market and Strong Family Farm in the autumn season this year – swing by their websites to see schedules there or visit www.WORKSHOPSCT.com and click on the workshops tab on the top of the page.



We are offering new Facebook Live sessions once a month. Watch from your iPhone or laptop right from home as it goes live. See our schedule on the right of this blog or visit WORKSHOPSCT.com for the latest schedules. It is broad-cast from Container Crazy CT’s Facebook page. Just like the page to be sure to see the feed or stop by on the scheduled date. This is Free, and Fun!


Well, not technically new – because Container Crazy CT has been on Instagram for years, but what is new is people are noticing more and more. Lots of photos are posted of our creations on this site. To see what is happening, visit us on Instagram. If you see a plant or plant item you are interested in, just ask for Cathy T to arrange to meet you to arrange a pick up or delivery which suits your schedule.


We have been offering workshops for 8 years, now going on 9 years.

Only one change this spring of 2018: We will not be holding our usual “May Container Gardening” workshops this year – due to travel and other activities, BUT we will be holding new demo days, and our annual fall and winter workshops.

As new ideas and topics arise – we will keep the workshops site updated regularly. If you follow that site/blog, you get notified via email every time a new post is added. The posts on the http://www.WORKSHOPSCT.com site detail each individual event.

All is being updated as we proceed.

Stay Tuned,

Thank you – Cathy Testa
860-977-9473 (texts welcome)