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Seed Packet Sales

Due to COVID-19, I am currently selling Seed Packets for tomato, cherry tomato, hot pepper, basil (3 types), curly parsley, lettuce mixes, and a few flowers (moon flower and celosia). If interested, please visit my www.WORKSHOPSCT.com page.

Photo of how Seed Packets are sealed prior to mailing:

Seed Packed in Plastic

May Workshop

The May on Succulent Hanging Baskets Workshop has been cancelled due to Covid-19. In addition, I don’t expect to offer any workshops up till the fall season this year. I’m waiting to see if we experience a 2nd wave of C19 before deciding on the December Holiday Workshops. Stay tuned please.

Unique Plant Gifts

If you are nearby, local, and interested, DM me for what’s in stock for unique plant gifts. One item I love making is hanging glass globes or votive sized items with seasonal themes and succulents. The ideas are endless, and I will deliver to some areas (within 10 miles of Broad Brook, CT) based on orders, or porch pick-up’s are arranged. Succulents, Houseplants, and Tropical plants are a main feature. Many ideas are available for discussions. Feel free to ask if you have a unique plant gift need.

Photo Galleries

I’ve started a new gallery of many plant related photos – from my container garden installs, plant creations, plant related workshops, nature shots, seedlings, and more. They are located on SmugMug. It is a way to see much of what I’ve offered if you want to see samples. Contact me if any questions on anything. I also post photos daily on Instagram under Container Crazy CT.

Houseplant Arrangements

I create houseplant arrangements and deliver to local or nearby areas. If interested, feel free to inquire. And I also refurbish houseplants for people. Have a big huge houseplant in need of re-potting, feel free to ask me about refurbishing your’s.

Container Gardens

I offer container gardening installs for residences and store front businesses. This has been extremely popular this season due to C19. Many people are in the Stay At Home situation, where they are taking this opportunity to enhance their outdoor living spaces. Patio pots, balcony gardening, container gardens, from large to small are my speciality! To learn of more about this service, feel free to contact me for what I offer and for photos or referrals.

Thank you – Cathy Testa
860-977-9473 (texts welcome)