This may be just the tool you are looking for if you want to play around with some design layouts for your garden beds.

It is called “Garden Planner Online” and lucky for me, I spotted it via a Pinterest post by (No idea why, when I search for tools like this via Google searches on the web, this never showed up.)

It looks relatively easy to use, you can test it online first for 15 days before deciding if you wish to purchase it, and the best part is its only $34.00 bucks to get if you want to buy it.  (Way cheaper than the cost of programs which Pro’s use and require.  See my prior post on Landscape Design Programs.)

There are sample images you can look at, here’s an example of two:

Sample Provided

Sample Provided

Sample Image

Sample Image

Adobe Air is required to load “garden planner” by, but the system will prompt you for this if you don’t already have it installed.

By the way, there are other online planning tools available by, such as a tool to create layouts for your house, rooms in home, and one app also has a drywall estimator tool as a feature.

After I check ‘garden planner online’ a bit more to see how it works, I’ll post more about what I think of it, but sharing for now.  It could be useful to you.

Screenshot (53)

Checking Out Other Apps

Interested in learning about other apps out there which may be helpful to you in planning out your own garden?  My mission is to browse, test, and try.  See my Pinterest board to see a collection started of those apps on the list to check out.

Screenshot (58)

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Cathy Testa

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