Example of before and after with digital imaging

Example of before and after with digital imaging

Many people refer to the front of their home as “foundation planting” but I think ‘Home Front Design’ is more appropriate in this day and age – after all, we don’t plant the foundation to hide it anymore.  We plant the front of our homes to create a more pleasing environment for ourselves, and to provide a welcoming view for our guests and family.


Whatever your goal, my goal is to “help you make decisions about the plants appropriate for the area” and “provide you with information, as well as advice on how to proceed with your project.”

Focusing on using the right combinations of colors and textures of plants is my primary design goal.  For example, placing a darker toned plant in front or near a lighter toned plant can make a design “sing,” or using a good combinations of textures will create more drama in the garden or various areas around the front, sides, and back of your house.

I believe my talent is selecting plants that work together well in regards to color, texture, and form.  This is probably why I love container gardening  so much, I can see how the colors inter-relate in the arrangement, and the area is focused.  Working on small garden designs, focal point areas, and traditional home fronts are my specialties.


I also use a design program to help you envision the design concepts presented to you – sometimes the program works perfectly in situations, other times, it is not suited for the design area – it really depends on your current situation – the location, etc.  During my onsite evaluation with you – we discuss what you are looking for, and I can review various options for you.

Here’s an example of a traditional “Home Front” design.  The client was presented with various concepts.  This helps you make decisions and gives you an idea of the goal of the planting space.

Example of before and after with digital imaging
Example of before and after with digital imaging

My design packages also include a collage of the plant photos so you can see how the color themes recommended work together visually. It gives you a peak of how the plants would look in the design plant recommended.  This helps a great deal to make decisions before you pursue spending dollars on a hired installer or installing plants yourself.


If you are interested in hiring me, Cathy Testa, as your ‘Home Front’ designer, please feel free to contact me at 860-977-9473 or fill out the Contact Form below.  Or just e-mail me at containercathy@gmail.com.  And if you have the sides, back, or adjacent areas around your home, these are included too.  I’m happy to hear from you.  Thank you for visiting my blog too!

Written by Cathy Testa

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