Hi and Welcome to my blog, Container Crazy CT.

Here are some general updates about my small business and how it affects you as customers, readers, and visitors to this blog site:


Well, if you are a reader, hopefully you are still enjoying my various updates related to container gardening on this site. I am still writing here and there as it pertains to the seasons and offering helpful tips.


If you are a former workshop attendee, I’m sure you know I cancelled all of my workshops when Covid started in early March and have ceased all workshops at my location up to the end of fall. This means I am not offering the usual Succulent Topped Pumpkin Workshops in October. I am, however, offering Custom Made Succulent Topped Pumpkins starting around September 23rd, 2020 for porch pick up orders. If nearby, we can discuss delivery options as well.


I’m still “on the fence” about the Annual Holiday Workshops in December, and I will be reaching out to my regulars on the status by October. You will receive an email if you are on my regular mailing list to inform you of the latest. Thank you for being patient.


I am still available for container garden and patio pot installs at homes, residences, balconies, porches, and for small business owners interested in dressing up their store fronts with container gardens. This will always remain a passion of mine, and after over 10 years of creating them, I have gained more experience and knowledge on what grows well in pots and why, how to maintain them, and about different styles!


And, I so enjoy growing and selling tomato and pepper plants in the spring, therefore, I plan to continue doing so next season in 2021. The varieties I try are unique – and tasty. Everyone who purchased either plants or seeds from me earlier this year, I again, thank you. Watching your progress and harvest is truly rewarding.

In the meantime, stay tuned to my blogs posts where I offer tips and share my process related to all container gardening to my followers. You know who you are!

And for those who are new visitors, welcome. Feel free to ask me questions anytime about plants in container gardens and patio pots.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT

Working on a High Rise in 2020