There’s a BIG Container Garden Party (class) being planned for May 2014 in Broad Brook, CT by Cathy Testa.  Want in?

DATE:  May 24, 2014 (Saturday)

TIME:  11:00 am to 2:00 pm

RAIN DATE:  May 25, 2014 (Sunday)

To register, fill out the Contact Form below or email

This will be similar to container garden parties held at host’s homes but it will be held by Cathy Testa at her home in Broad Brook, CT. Cathy T will go over design techniques, plant highlights, and more.  It will be held outdoors with a slide show indoors too!  And this is hands-on – you bring home your container garden with you at the end of class!


Plant focus for the first “Big Container Garden Party” will be on succulents, alpines, drought tolerant plants, and special feature of a Tropical Talk.  To learn more, be sure to check in or sign up by filling out the contact form below, and you will receive details about how this day will work out for you!

For those of you who’ve attended Cathy Testa’s “Kissing Ball and Evergreen Creations” class in the winter, think same style of class but with succulents and tropical as the key featured plants for this first ever “Big Container Garden Party” in May of 2014.


Cathy T has created a Pinterest board showcasing inspiration for succulents, See “Succulent Sensations” on her Pinterest Page.  These will be sure to get your juices flowing.  Think about the type of containers you can round up for this class – there are so many creative ideas from birdhouses to boots, but remember they require drain holes, which we can drill at the class if needed for you.

Screenshot (29)

Screenshot (30)

Screenshot (31)


This first annual “Big Container Garden Party” is its planning stages, so stay tuned.

A class flyer with all the details will be posted soon!  Check in often, share with your friends, and mark your calendar.


See you in May!

Cathy Testa

Blog:  Container Crazy Cathy T


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