Container Crazy CT’s passion and profession is all about “Container Gardening” and creating visual impact around your home.  Clients are provided with container garden installations designed to meet the their specific preferences, or recommendations will be offered on the best plants to use for amazing color, texture, patterns, and appeal based on the style and location of the areas around your home. Additionally, detailed maintenance advise is provided upon installation.

New in 2016

We have a special new blog site specifically for container gardening services. See http://www.ContainerGardensCT.com.

Home Front Container Garden Services:

  • Onsite Talk about Your Preferences on color, plants, and features
  • Container Gardening Design and Installation
  • Complete Assembly of Plants
  • Delivery and Setup of the Container Gardens and Patio Pots at your home
  • Personalized Maintenance and Care Documentation
Cathy Testa Summer 2014

Cathy Testa Summer 2014

“Combining nature with art, assembling and designing container gardens for homeowners, or adding delicate features with containers and patio pots around the home is my passion and obsession.  Adding container gardens to your environment will make it sing with color, bring nature to your surroundings, and add that special punch in special places around your home.”  – Cathy Testa

Special Events – Container Garden Rentals

For special events, such as weddings, graduations, or anything where you wish to beautify your space outdoors, container garden rentals are available.  The benefits are:

  • Option to Rent or Buy the Container Gardens for Your Special Event
  • Long-Lasting Arrangements (an alternative option to cut flowers which last only for the day or so)
  • Helps to anchor focal points at the event (and help to prevent accidents, such as tripping over tent cords)
  • May be offered as gifts to your guests following the event
  • Large and showy impact at the site
  • Are showcase piece of living art, embellished with your colors and decor

For details, contact Cathy Testa at 860-977-9473.

One of Several Container Gardens showcased at an outdoor wedding celebration

One of Several Container Gardens showcased at an outdoor wedding celebration

To Reach Cathy Testa:

cell:  860-977-9473 (call or text)

email:  ContainerCathy@gmail.com

To see examples of Cathy T’s Container Gardens, visit the menu bar of Container Garden Collages above, visit http://www.cathytesta.com, or browse this blog. 

Thank you for your interest!  Looking forward to talking with you…

Cathy Testa Profile Pic_0002

Client Feedback:

I wanted to give a great big shout out “Thank You” to Cathy Testa and Container Crazy CT!  This is the 2nd time I have called upon Cathy to tackle my “eclectic” desire for container gardens at my home and each time she has “nailed it”!!  I tend to see and like EVERYTHING and am easily overwhelmed with what I want..in essence “I want it ALL”. Cathy has this innate ability to do just that! (and keep me within my budget)… She seems to hit on all the colors, plants, and looks that I want.  I also have to say that I have never had any plants die or not take off with full abundance and glory :-).  They all seem to thrive in the container she puts them in, and I get to enjoy them with neighborhood friends with a lot of  “oohs and aahs” for the entire summer and a little into the fall (weather permitting). — Dianne T (dated July 2014).

Edibles Container Gardening 2015 (4)




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