Attendee loads up her car after a party!

Attendee loads up her car after a party!

Container Garden Parties held at your Home

These at-home parties are such a big hit because they are not only fun, but informational and convenient.  I, Cathy Testa, will help you and your guests learn how to create stunning container designs and provide tips on design, color, structure, care, feeding, maintenance, etc.  Just be sure to book early because the dates run out fast, especially in April-May timeframe.  A service fee plus the cost of the plants selected by your guests at the party is your only charge.

Winter Call List

If you hold your date in advance, you will be placed on Cathy T’s ‘winter call list’ to discuss your plant style and preferences.  Plant orders take place in winter for the following spring, so be ahead of the gang, and request your name be held as a host.  Just email Cathy T at or call 860-977-9473 with your 2013 date preference.

On T.V.

Cathy T’s Container Garden Parties were featured on Better CT television program the summer of 2011, and on CT Style television program in 2012.  They continue to grow in popularity and everyone comments about how they love their creations and learn how to do it with success.  Don’t let the imitators fool you, I have a big passion for container gardening that is felt through this instruction.  You will be just as obsessed as she is after being a host or guest at a Cathy T Container Garden Party.

More than Just a Party

Think of this event as special, one-of-a-kind, held with you and your friends, and “educational” as well.  Cathy T gives a talk about design, working with colors, how to select the right plant combinations for the best effect and impact in your container gardens and flower pots.  Documentation is included, coupons are provided (when available from your local nurseries), and perennial catalogs are given to every participating attendee.

To find out More

Just e-mail Cathy at or call 860-977-9473.  A detailed information sheet with how the party works will be provided.

Container Garden Examples

Click on the menu bar, select Container Gardens, to view samples of Cathy T’s past and present designs.

CT Bloggers Guest Post

See my article featured as a Guest Blogger on Connecticut Bloggers HERE on a way to design your container gardens.  It is known as the “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” technique – and it works every time.

The Big Container Garden Party – 2014

See Cathy T Classes, and click on MAY CLASS.  A BIG container garden party is being scheduled in May 2014 in Broad Brook, CT.  If you are local and would like to attend, let Cathy T know now.  This class will be hands-on – you take your created container garden or patio pot filled with luscious plants home, and learn all the tips and techniques by Cathy Testa.

Testimonials of Past Container Garden Hosts

A Host’s Creation

MaryBeth O’Brien, Windsor:  I’m a 2nd time hostess of Cathy’s container garden party and have been thrilled each time with the beautiful containers my friends and I created.  Cathy’s knowledge of the plants she brings is very impressive as well as her ability to put together spectacular containers.  If you love getting together with friends and gardening Cathy’s container parties are a great event.


By season’s end

Donna House, East Windsor: I was completely hooked on Container Gardening after my first party a year ago. My container was the focal point of the deck and got many compliments. With Cathy’s expertise I was able to overwinter my Canna and grew 16 individual plants! I planted 4 containers this year and everyone that comes over is in awe of their beauty! Some of the plants have grown so big you can barely see the container! I am now a passionate container gardener thanks to Cathy T!!!!!


First Host

Maryse Kettle, Enfield:  I was Cathy T’s very first container host, and I’ve never looked back.  It was a very informative lecture.  I’ve never had such a beautiful container.  In fact, Cathy T took photos 3 months following my party, and my container created that day was featured in a garden magazine. Of the many photos Cathy sent the editor, they selected mine.


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